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Profile Information

Name: Bob Gaebler
Gender: Male
Hometown: Detroit MI
Home country: USA
Current location: Texas
Member since: Fri Feb 17, 2017, 06:25 PM
Number of posts: 1,474

About Me

I live in small town in North Texas. Republican district. I believe Texas and all of America would be Blue if people were motivated to vote. Fear and hatred easy to campaign on. Reason and caring take an effort to explain and get people to listen to.

Journal Archives

Morning Joe Funny Today

Bill Kristol and Joe talking about Ron Johnson spreading conspiracy theories. I am laughing ... probably like Germans were laughing about Hitler in 1930's. I guess Fox is playing the part of Der Sturmer (my guess).

Mueller seeks to ask Trump about Flynn, Comey ousters

indicating an intensifying focus on potential obstruction of justice issues

Special counsel Robert S. Mueller III is seeking to question President Trump in the coming weeks about his decisions to oust national security adviser Michael Flynn and FBI Director James B. Comey, according to two people familiar with his plans.
Muellerís interest in the events that led Trump to push out Flynn and Comey indicates that his investigation is intensifying its focus on possible efforts by the president or others to obstruct or blunt the special counselís probe.

Per Washington Post

With Mueller getting closer and closer to trump

If Mueller has strong evidence against trump,

Could Mueller petition Supreme Court for legal right to indict trump?

If Mueller can turn Sessions, a lot of dominos could begin falling. trump could begin taking desperate steps to stop Mueller.

The legality of indicting a sitting President has not been settled by Supreme Court (I believe). Could the Supreme Court make a limited, one time ruling that it is legal to indict trump?

With the court being so far to the right, it may not work. But if trump is generating a constitutional crisis, who knows?

Any thoughts?

The GOP-trump reality show

The public will still be interested in the next episode of this show in three weeks.

Saving Dreamers has close to a 90% approval rating.

McConnel is a disgusting, slimy worm. But, perhaps more importantly, he looks like a slimy worm.

If the next episode of GOP-trump reality show plays out by Mitch breaking his promise, the ratings will be HUGE!

If the Senate passes protection for Dreamers and the House can't or won't, the ratings will be HUGE!

If the GOP has a civil war over this, Democrats will just watch and cheer. I believe this is likely. The nation's attention is glued to GOP-trump reality show. And the rating will be HUGE!
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