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Profile Information

Name: Bob Gaebler
Gender: Male
Hometown: Detroit MI
Home country: USA
Current location: Texas
Member since: Fri Feb 17, 2017, 06:25 PM
Number of posts: 1,474

About Me

I live in small town in North Texas. Republican district. I believe Texas and all of America would be Blue if people were motivated to vote. Fear and hatred easy to campaign on. Reason and caring take an effort to explain and get people to listen to.

Journal Archives

Ads that autoplay audio loudly and repeatedly

I love DU. Today, and briefly a few weeks ago, ads that play audio very loud and repeatedly have been appearing. I have been on your site briefly several times today and each time left when the audio started. From the home page, I was not even able to scroll past ad video to read.

This renders the site unusable for me. I am old and disabled and keep my speakers on high to control volume from whatever app I am using. Could you please not use ads that do this. I appreciate the need for ads and sometimes even visit them (which is rare for me) as I trust DU not to lead me to malicious sites.

Again, I love DU and have been a member for less than a year. It has become my favorite site. Thank you.

Playing Trump

Trump has two goals in life:

1) applause and admiration

2) avenging perceived slights

Plus he is as stupid as a pile of shit.

The Dems can use this. Trump has already succeeded in exposing the GOP for what they are.

By letting him believe he can get revenge on McConnel, Ryan, GOP AND feel loved and admired, he can be used to enact policies that are good for America and against the GOP goal of destroying American Democracy.

Use him. The GOP is terrified of his base of deplorables. Make the GOP own their hypocrisy and dishonesty. They will soon be waged in a war against Trump and his base. By playing Trump, the GOP monster can be destroyed.

I know doing anything with Trump is onerous and a horrible thought, but he CAN be used to our benefit. We are stuck with the GOP heading the executive branch for more than 3 years. By manipulating this dumbass, we can demolish the GOP blight on our Democracy.

Am I wrong?

Trump The Ineloquent Sociopath

By sociopath, I mean having no empathy.

Ted Bundy was one. But he could fit in with normal people. Knew how to disguise his evil. It was a learned skill and not a true feeling. He learned it by living among real people in the real world.

Adolf Hitler lived in a hostel. He interacted with other ordinary Germans serving in WW1.

Trump was born with a silver spoon in his mouth. He has never interacted with real people in the real world. The only things he knows about the real world is what he sees on Fox and Friends.

Trump is only capable of mimicking caring about real people. Other sociopaths have hidden their putrid inner self with much greater skill. They had practice in the real world.

Watch him attempt to show caring. Telling disaster victims to enjoy it? Be afraid America. Be very afraid. American lives, Korean lives, any lives mean as much to him as a housefly life does to a normal person.
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