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Profile Information

Name: May B.
Gender: Female
Hometown: blue city, state, in the (blue) Northeast
Home country: USA, 1st generation
Current location: red town, county,state in the (red) Southeast
Member since: Mon Feb 6, 2017, 06:25 PM
Number of posts: 1,187

Journal Archives

Sending love to the DU community, with my 1,000th post

I wanted to mark my 1,000th post, which coincides with my 5 year anniversary here, and share a bit about why DU is important to me.

I'm not a joiner, virtually or in person, and yet I joined DU in February, 2017.
I'd been a lurker during the presidential campaign, lost my 89 year old mother in May 2016, joined 9 months later for her birthday, weeks after tfg took office. I needed a community of like-minded individuals, and I'm so grateful for all of you.

My profile states:
Real name: May B. (It's not my real name)
Gender: Female
Hometown: blue city, state, in the (blue) Northeast
Home country: USA, 1st generation
Current location: red town, county,state in the (red) Southeast
Member since: Mon Feb 6, 2017, 05:25 PM
Number of posts, all time: 999

My mission is to spread light and love and joy, and to fight the forces of darkness and evil that threaten our peace, security and basic freedoms. Originally it was to help defeat tfg, and I chose the name as rebellion against the many people I encounter who go on christian missions. I'm a Jewish woman, on my own mission. Lol

So, I live in western NC, near Asheville, which is the blue Haven in this red region. Madison cawthorn was elected in my district, but I don't call him my representative! I've been pleased to see a number of folks on DU from my district, and to connect with New Yorkers, past and present.

I'm 60, an only child, never married or had kids, although I've always had pets; and I've had a few long term relationships and quite a few short term ones. Born and raised in NYC, my life often resembled parts seen in "Sex and the City". I had a professional life in academic administration, admissions and financial aid, using my advanced degrees in psychology and statistics. I left that life when I moved South, and have worked mostly in retail, with a few years working in a "high end" grocery store and a few years teaching in a GED program. For 15 years I've worked for an old, family owned store that sells a large variety of items for the outdoors, and they are democrats. They're celebrating 100 years in business this year.

My father was a republican (we didn't get along), and my Canadian born mother was a democrat. They moved here in 1985, and I moved here in 2003, several years after my father passed away.
In 2014 I lost 2 close friends, 25 days apart (and got my first and only tattoo, a shattered heart, in memoriam), as well as an elderly aunt. The following year, another friend and and elderly uncle and aunt died; and the following year my mom died unexpectedly, and another friend not long after that. I lost 8 people in 3 years; 4 older relatives and 4 friends. I was a bit messed up for a while, during and after that period of time. Enter DU. It was and is a safe and special space. I do have several friends who I've known for most of my life, and they are my surrogate siblings, and I've made some new friends since I lost the 4.

Being able to connect with people here has been a lifeline for me, not just the political stuff, which is very important, but for the social aspect which was hard even before covid. I don't watch TV, haven't since 2012. I read a lot, listen to NPR, music, books on CD. I appreciate and enjoy and relate to many of the forums and groups and people I find here on DU.

Happy to be celebrating 5 years with this group!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Thanks for the memories...and the hearts.

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