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Member since: Thu Feb 2, 2017, 04:31 PM
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At what point does it benefit Moscow Mitch to get Trump out?

Kentucky is going to have a democratic governor. As things stand, McConnell is going to have a close election. It seems like the more he digs in to defend Trump the more he risks losing the swing voters.

The best scenario would be Trump resigning. I don't see that. So if the Senate convicted/removed Trump, McConnell could claim he has the moral high ground.

I'm sure it's not this simple. But still...

I've changed back to undecided

I like Pete. I like Biden. I like Harris. Warren has interesting ideas but I'm not sure they are good presidential ideas. Same with Bernie.

But I'm not necessarily excited about any of them. I think long term Pete has a great deal of potential. I wished he didn't live in backwards Indiana. And I worry that Biden, Bernie and Warren are too old.

I don't think Biden has handled Trump's attacks on his family particularly well.

So I'm moving back to undecided. The primary in my state is March 10th but I'll decide before Super Tuesday.

But I'm open to any possibility.
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