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Profile Information

Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Somewhere near the Nations Capital
Member since: Wed Feb 1, 2017, 03:23 PM
Number of posts: 3,604

About Me

I am the Whistleblower.

Journal Archives

We are at War



How it will all go down: The trump/Facebook Connection. Keith

Eventual Resignation

Ana Navarro is Damn Tired of the Normalizing of Trumps behavior by Republicans


Will Donald J. Trump ultimately destroy Human Civilization in a fit of Twitter Pique?

Some trump supporters are burning their MAGA hats. Hope it catches on...

They are angry trump talked to Pelosi and Schumer. How they ever could have believed they were not being used by a Con Man for his own interests is beyond me.....

Ignorant republican caller gets Schooled by an Educated Congresswoman

Jacob Bronowski; The Danger of Dogma

Ted Cruzs brand of Porn:

Mueller is Zeroing in on trump

But will he get they before we we all die of Old Age?

Forgetting to signal while Black- Cop gets a mouthful

Can we just admit it; white cops are scardey cats; Black men scare them.
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