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Gender: Male
Hometown: Bay Area, CA
Home country: USA
Current location: AZ
Member since: Wed Feb 1, 2017, 04:51 AM
Number of posts: 3,919

Journal Archives

The Flaming Lips - Fight Test

The opening salvo from their classic record "Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots" ... and as catchy a ditty as you're ever likely to hear.

And yes, if you're wondering, Cat Stevens is indeed cited as a co-writer, and receives royalties, such as they are ... pretty sure many of you will know why when you listen to the track ...

Regardless of the obvious resemblance, it's still a great twist on Cat's classic tune ...

Is It Gettin' Heavy? Well I Thought it was Already as Heavy ... As Can Be ...

My favorite song, from one of my all-time favorite albums 'The Soft Bulletin' by The Flaming Lips. Which I consider the Lo-Fi, 1990's version of Dark Side of the Moon ... if you've never gotten baked and listened to this whole album on headphones, from top to bottom ... you've entirely missed out.

The Soft Bulletin is an epic sonic journey ... you'll like it the first time or two, but once the hooks sink in ... the third time through or so ... you really realize what a truly amazing work it is, and it's all done 100% analog, no Pro-Tools or any bullshit.

You kinda have to get used to Wayne's croaking vocals a bit ... lol ... but I'm tellin' ya, the reward is great.

Interesting subtext to this video ... the 'dad' on the bench is band member Steven Drozd, the multi-instrumentalist who basically wrote the music on the album (and plays particularly kick-ass drums throughout) ... and did so while he was highly strung out on the dope (talking the William S. Burroughs kinda dope, not the Tommy Chong kind).

So, my theory is ... he's dopesick on the bench there ... and when you start with that understanding, this vid takes on a whole new meaning ... you understand the reason for the blood and fire imagery, etc ... it's really pretty deep is the truth.

If Pink Floyd was formed in the 90's ... I give you the band 'Girls' ...

And their unfortunately named song 'Vomit' ... which is actually KILLER (and the title is completely random) ... stick with it, cause it gets GREAT.

And you gotta love the Mustang cruising San Francisco video ... I know lots of spots that show up in this ...

And crank it the hell UP!!!

REM - Document - Disturbance at the Heron House (2017 Remaster)

Crank it up, y'all know you love this song

Live - Pillar of Davidson (live from RockPalast) ...

There was lots of hits from Throwing Copper, they spawned off of it for over a year circa 1994, and the whole record is awesome, used to play "I Alone" in my cover band that year ... but this was a overlooked classic album cut ...

RE: Cavanaugh ... ya know, I've known a lot of people who've abused drugs and alcohol ...

I might even be hanging out with one such person right at this very moment

And I'm here to tell ya ... my somewhat-professional opinion of what I just witnessed, in the form of "Judge Cavanaugh" and his performance on national (errr ... global) television ... in the form of his "rebuttal" ... is that I was watching someone who not only has a long-time alcohol problem, but also someone who had an extended period of abusing cocaine in their lifetime.

He probably no longer uses it (be hard to have achieved the level of professional success that he has, frankly), but I can almost guarantee you that he, at one time ... did. Copiously. And I mean ... for a WHILE. 7-10 years of heavy use during his 20's would be my best guess. I see the same signs of the damage I've seen in many friends of mine ... watching his performance today.

Go back and watch his rebuttal ... his face goes through a LOT of odd contortions. Not 'normal' looking stuff. A lot of it 'nose-related', if you watch closely.

I'd give anyone good odds, on a decent-sized bet ... that dude has not only abused booze for a long time, but also used to do a TON of blow, for awhile, at minimum ... when he was younger.

Cavs protestors were being paid? What is this BS?

I'm in the middle of arguing with the wingnut brigade on FB, and they're pulling this shit out on me ...

Protestors Being Paid - Business Insider

What say you, my fellow DU'ers?

Lucinda Williams (Live), Car Wheels on a Gravel Road tour, 1998, Austin City Limits

Lucinda at the peak of her glorious powers, touring her Masterpiece, with a CRACKING band bringing the songs to life ... she plays nearly all of Car Wheels, and the selection of older classics she chose to mix in to the set was spot-on ... this concert is STELLAR ... absolute must see for all music fans ...

The links to 'Playlists' of Youtube vid's doesn't post right on DU (only the first song will auto-play), but if you just click This Here that'll queue up the entire set of 16 songs ... and you can thank me later. I have the actual DVD and the sound is much better than Youtube, but, this is what we got, doesn't sound BAD at all but the real disc ... sounds freaking KILLER

Drop Dead Gorgeous ...

My decidedly Un-PC Sunday Dinner ... I'm grillin' a rack of St. Louis Style Ribs

My decidedly Un-PC Sunday Dinner ... I'm grillin' a rack of St. Louis Style Ribs

Sorry my porcine friends ... I try to eat you only 1 time a month or so ... It's the best I can do ... cause you're delicious creatures ... wish you were treated better

So today it's Ribs, along with grilled-in-the-husk corn on the cob (they'll have butter, salt and pepper), and baked potatoes (they'll have butter, sour cream, chives, salt & pepper + some cayenne).

I used indirect style on my Weber, with just one of the two charcoal bins filled (using Kingsford Briquettes, and just before grilling, threw on a few chunks 'o Hickory wood) so as to keep Temps low and slow, and to get some nice smoke going.

Threw on the rack ... temp was running at 250F for first 1:00, and at that point, threw on the corn (after a 15 min saltwater bath in the kitchen). The bbq temp dropped to about 200F as I had bottom vents almost closed, and the corn of course has lots of moisture ... then I let the ribs and corn smoke/grill indirectly for about another 1:45.

At that point, I removed Ribs from grill and put 'em in dutch oven along w/chunks of Honeycrisp Apples, with a foil seal in addition to the lid, in order to soften 'em up by some steaming action. They're presently roasting at 225F in my indoor oven for about 2:30, along with a couple of large Bakers, rubbed in butter and kosher salt. The corn has remained on the grill as it's only running at 200F still, and corn in the husk can basically cook forever at low heat like that, all the while subtly soaking up smoky/hickory flavor.

15 mins before the end of the end of 2:30 that the ribs are in the oven, I remove corn (still in husk) from grill and put it in the oven, then I fire up about 20 more fresh briquettes in the chimney starter, so I'll have something HOT to work with for the last step.

Once those are hot (about 15 mins), I dump 'em into the charcoal bin, along with any remaining ones from the first go (the ones already in the bin). I then remove the rack of ribs from the oven and brush them with some delicious smoky/sweet Barbeque Sauce (going /with Mrs. Renfro's Chipotle Barbeque Sauce today).

Then I crank heat of oven up to 325F to finish potatoes while I do the rest of my 'stuff', but remove the corn, and remove the ears from their husks, and brush them with olive oil.

At this point, I grill the exposed corn, along with the sauced ribs, indirectly (but with relatively high heat, I open all the vents on the grill) for about 15 mins ... this is to set the sauce on the ribs, and get the corn good and hot, too.

At this point, the fresh charcoal should be quite hot, so I dump it from the bin onto half of the barbie, then grill the corn over the direct heat, about 5 mins per side, with the ribs still off to the side. Then I switch their places, with the ribs for the first time 'meat side down' in order to sear on the barbeque sauce, about 4-5 mins on this piece.

Then ... after this final sear of the sauce, we're ready to eat!

Pic of the ribs shortly before going back on grill, after some time in the oven w/the apples:

Why Trump tweets in 3rd Person ... I know some of you already know, but ...

He does this because he's hoping news people will read his tweets verbatim (which they do), and thus (some) listeners will perceive what they're hearing ... as though it's 'factual' rather than just Trumps own claim.

"Nobody has shown that I colluded with Russia"
"Nobody has shown that Donald Trump colluded with Russia"

... when read verbatim by a newsperson. The former case, it's obviously Trump saying it. The latter case comes off sounding like the opinion of a third party, and hence 'more valid' in the listeners mind.
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