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Gender: Do not display
Hometown: PA
Home country: USA
Current location: MD
Member since: Tue Jan 31, 2017, 07:35 AM
Number of posts: 2,198

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Ardant GOP and Trump hater!

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So they keep throwing out there that there was damaging info on HRC. WTF was it if they had it?

Was it more fake news or fake stuff by Wikileaks or the bots out there? No one has said what it potentially is.

So they are staying through part of August. Is the Senate just going to try to ram through

legislation that they want Trump to sign before he is impeached?

We must keep close watch on what the Senate is doing. Activist need to be in the chamber when legislation is being discussed.

These new revelations about Sonny Trump and his meeting with the Russian attorney are making it more likely that Trump will be at least null and void if not impeached. There ought to be louder cries for SIL to have his security clearance revoked IMMEDIATELY! If not someone needs to held in contempt of Congress or the law. If the shithead Sessions was not the AG it would be no question that SIL's security clearance would be revoked.

Get out the popcorn.

Tillerson says Trump opened up the concerns of THE AMERICAN PEOPLE about hacking. WTF

How about his own concerns? Oh, that's right. Trump isn't concerned about it...just the American people.

Brought to you by Trump and friend Saudi Arabia, UAE, et. al.


Yemeni children suffering.

Tillerson and Trump? And we are supposed to be comfortable about that meeting with Putin?

What a poor, fake "rousing crowd" Trump faces in Poland. His speech is poorly delivered and sounds

incoherent because of his poor delivery. That was really painful to watch.

Obama tired to warn us. Rejection of TPP is coming back to bite us in the ass more ways than one.

Paris Accord and TPP are joined at the hip. The EU and Japan are about to form a huge trade alliance and no doubt it will include the former participants of the TPP. We have no seat at the table, we have very little leverage over Japan or even the EU now that we have left our seats empty at the Paris and TPP tables. All the bluster of the Trumpeans leaves out any kind of strategic, forward thinking. All the insane screaming about our jobs being lost to bad trade agreements that few really even bothered to read or understand, when, in fact, we have lost more jobs to automation and technology than to bad trade agreements.

As long as we fail to educate the voters about real economic and environmental issues Russia will have an easy time of using the base of both parties against our own best interests.

Unless we act with some strategic sense now with NK, 2016 is only the beginning.

I am serious about this because the shit is getting really dangerous. My solution on NK

Trump could surprise everyone and be a true hero by contact Kim, having a one-on-one and negotiating one of those infamous trade deals he is always bragging about. Kim wants to be recognized and respected as a national leader, he wants to save face and preserve his power. He can do all that by getting a favorable trade agreement with the US and telling his people he made the US cower to his nuke threats. Our trade deal would be that Kim stop all development of missiles and nukes, be recognized at the table of nations. Our trade would be to buy NK weapons in exchange for them buying food and medicine (at the same high prices we pay for medicine, of course.) NK would be required to open nuke activity sites for inspection compliance. The deal would be for 20 years and could be re-negotiated then. (hopefully the players will be new).

Both Kim and Trump love adulation and they like to bullshit, so they could mutually admire each other, stop the potential for nuke disaster and become the revered hero of the world.

Threatening China publicly is not going to get their cooperation re NK.

If Trump would shut is stupid mouth and stop putting China in a position of weakness in the eyes of the world, he might be able to get something done with NK.

Someone please tell Trump and (Niki) that international bullying of nationalistic leaders..who BTW hold a lot of his debt and the US debt as well...doesn't help us or them.

Is it me or is this some ominous economic indicator?

I walked over to the high-end mall that is near me. I haven't visited this mall for over 5 months. I didn't even do any Christmas shopping there. Since it was taken over by Westfield several years ago many things have changed there and not necessarily for the better. Middle income folks used to be there in droves...not anymore. At any rate, I went over to purchase a replacement charger for my granddaughter's iPad.

The place was loaded with people in the new (to me) high-end gourmet eatery. Almost now place to sit. The smells of the various ethnic foods was tantalizing. I walked through and made my way around now unfamiliar venues until I found the Apple store. On the way through the maze of aisles or whatever they are called at a mall I noticed 11 stores boarded up. A few had painted signs that said "New Retail Coming Soon." It was stunning to witness what once was a bustling mall with all kinds of retail outlets now almost empty except for the food court. Sears at one end and Macy's at the opposite end of one venue were the only stores that appeared to have customers. I walked into the Apple Store which had only a few customers. This was during the usual lunch hour in this area so I guess that is why the food court was so crowded.

Kind of creepy to me. Maybe a lot of people are around here are like me, they don't need or want much more "stuff."

Just wondering what it's like elsewhere?

I am in Maryland about 5 miles from DC
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