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Hometown: PA
Home country: USA
Current location: MD
Member since: Tue Jan 31, 2017, 06:35 AM
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Ardant GOP and Trump hater!

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Trump is giving us chance to get some of those RW-Limbaugh and FOX viewers to listen to real news.

Some have expressed outrage to Rush and FOX news about Trump attacking Sessions...their beloved racist AG. Wanting to hear more about why Trump is doing that has led a few to turn on real news and some are hearing for the first time about the extent of the Russian-Trump administration links.

I wish I knew how to get through to Limbaugh's radio program so I could drop a few pointers there. They need help in understanding the unpatriotic actions of the Trumpists.

Is anyone hoping or thinking that McCain will vote against Trumpcare?

Government by slogan. This is not our problem. Stop the BS!!!

Instead of rallying around their own platform agenda from 2016 and not apologizing for HRC's campaign and not taking on the memes of the GOP is what we should be doing.

We should be out there fighting, screaming, and protesting. We need to not lie to ourselves and get out there and let the people know that we know Trump won by appealing to the racist, sexist, anti-other, anti-poor, anti-LBGT, hateful rhetoric of the alt right and by appealing to our own anti-HRC base to stay home or go 3rd. Kpete said it best here.

We need to tell the people who stayed home that this is all about them getting out there and fighting for themselves.

But mostly we need to tell Chuckie boy and Nancy to stop the namby-pamby attempts to win by slogan...we are better than that. Our platform was not shameful or unappealing to working men and woman and we need to say that and fight for it!

Notice the GOP does not back down from their hatefulness because we don't fight it.

I cannot imagine a person leaving brain surgery flying to vote against healthcare for millions

But McCain... really sad.

Shame on the Boy Scouts of America and their leaders to boo Hillary Clinton, how indecent.

Phoning all my family to stop the financial support for them and asking them to send letters to the leadership.
Evil wins when good people do nothing!

So Trump steals his campaign message from Dems and HRC and Bernie and media calls out Schumer for

"stealing" Trumps populist message??? Once again I call your attention to the messages of the 2016 campaign from both Bernie and HRC. HRC was talking about getting rid of Citizens United (getting money out of politics) and the MSNBC talking head host says that was Trump's message and now Dems are using it. WTF??

I hate to see the Dems making unforced errors now taking all the blame for 2016. We now know

that is not true. This is what the GOP has over us. They fight to the end. We always give up halfway through the battle. The only Dem I remember fighting on were Bill and Hillary. Chuckie boy is not doing us any favors right not by supporting Trump's meme about Dems using Russia because we lost. THIS IS FUCKING INSANE!

If it is true that the Dems had no message and no one understood what we stood for, how did we get 3M more votes, add to our seats in the House and Senate?

Chuck has now taken he wind out of the sails of the Dems who were willing to fight this battle and those pols who are agreeing with him are making it much more difficult to feel like fighting any harder. I remember substantive debates, and town halls where the Dem positions and policies were well spelled out. The media would not pump those plans and policies like they did the one liner and lies out of Trumps mouth. The Dems stood for everything Hillary and Bernie were pushing in the primaries. Now we are going to say we had no message? WTF??? And if you aren't about being against a man like Trump with behaviors and policies like his WTF can you be against?

Damn Chuck, you just gave 2018 to the GOP. Why not just go ahead and vote with them to repeal the ACA?

Dems can offer a better deal WITHOUT weakening our position about Russia, the media, how disgusting Trump is.

"Snowfall" Season gripper .

My Salvadoran neighbor said he had to turn it off because it was too real to be just a TV series. He says it is so accurate they must be writing the true confessions of all those involved in Iran Contra. I haven't seen any politicians in the series so far and just a few glimpses of the LAPD. The acting is superb! Awards on the way.

It neve was about "draining the swamp." It was always about draining the US Treasury.

You are free to study how Putin and his cronies robbed the Russian people of their wealth and continue to hold their alcohol and drug addicted minds under control.

This is what Trump and his Executive Department heads are doing in plain sight. There is to be little or no money left for the social safety net, maybe something left for farm subsidies, tobacco and the other corporate welfare recipients.

Moving most of the US treasury to the Defense Dept. and the MIC launders the money to their favorite contract bilkers like Blackwater was.

I warned years ago about the influx of Russians buying up property and small businesses only to let them go under. This is all part of their long-game plan and it is too late to correct most of what has happened. Maybe folks will pay attention to the set up to rob our own government? But based on the past outrage over things like HRC being paid $250,000 for a speech to Goldman and her e-mails, free college, legalized pot, and the war on Christianity the future looks grim that the grassroots will pay much attention to the things that are really harming them except for a few icons like Rev Barber. He can't do it alone.

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