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Hometown: PA
Home country: USA
Current location: MD
Member since: Tue Jan 31, 2017, 06:35 AM
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Ardant GOP and Trump hater!

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Looks like 45 is reading my post and will now try to screw the right and the left by meeting with

N.K. Ung. I posted here month ago that 45 could really establish a lasting legacy if would have the sense to sit down with Kim and work a deal that would be a win-win with N.K. and explained just why and how that might work. After all, anyone willing to sit down with Rodman, should have no problem meeting with a Rodman-like ego maniac with real power.

Anyway, we will see what happens, won't we.

How much "legislation" did Trump actually sign vs Executive Orders?

His base and many others seem to not know the difference.

There may be a very few honest ones left, but Trump is successfully castrating the media.

All media, right and left. They didn't do the job they should have during the campaign and they are failing to do the heavy lifting now. It leaves me with the conclusion that a hell of a lot of them are really Trump supporters and believers in the alt-right deep down...and I am not talking about FOX.

You just know Trump is going to compare his crowd at his rally in PA to the protest crowd in DC.

I can hardly wait to see the numbers. After spouse's operation two months ago, no one to push my wheel chair at the protest. Just going to watch from home. Good luck all and thank you for being there.

I can't believe the people I am seeing on TV at the Trump rally. It's like being in an alter-world.

Giving Trump credit for appointing a Supreme Court Justice that Mitch McConnell is wholly responsible for. Folks are satisfied that Trump is just saying he is great and that he has accomplished a lot, when he, in reality has not.

When will people realize that the only thing Trump cares about is his bottom line and his own image.

I only hope he can be impeached BEFORE he pardons all his other accomplices.

I know we have bigger fish to fry right now but I think this revelation by Rep. Adam Schiff

this morning on Morning Joe is the grease to fry the fish.

Rep Adam Schiff on today’s Morning Joe.

My ears perked up when I heard this segment while driving in my car this morning.
Please listen to this segment of Morning Joe and pay particular attention to the segment around 4:20-4:40.

I am appalled that no journalist has picked up on this. To me, Schiff made a startling revelation about the fact that it was Flynn’s operation that put out and confirmed that the Benghazi attack began from a protest (just as Susan Rice and Hillary were told and first reported to the media during the initial interviews about with the media about the attack). WTF? Flynn actually was responsible for these first assessments. Yet he was the loudest voice condemning Susan Rice and Sec. Clinton claiming that they had lied to cover up Hillary’s mishandling of the attack and the aftermath.

This is a BIG fucking deal because it shows you that not only is Flynn a lying sack of shit but it also began one of the biggest factors (fake news) that derailed Hillary’s campaign. The Benghazi investigation was began on these lies by Flynn evidently, and it caused major damage to the HRC campaign as the mother of the Nave Seal who was killed was marched out in front of cameras ad nausea claiming that Hillary and Rice lied and were trying to cover up the fact that it was a terrorist attack. Go back to the videos of the Committee hearings and study them in light of this revelation by Schiff which no one seems to find incredulous.

Yes Democrats, Hillary was not a perfect candidate (no one is) but her campaign suffered much more from the onslaught of fake news, ignored truths, and Russian interference, Wikileaks, and a well orchestrated, persistent media barrage of misinformation that brainwashed many voters into voting against her.

But most importantly, it shows one just how evil Flynn is. He should be given no immunity. And the GOP Oversight committees should be held accountable for their purposeful lying and unwarranted attacks on Hillary and for how they used the families of the victims of Benghazi to turn them against their own government.

There is no telling what kind of lies this GOP Congress and administration will tell to lead us into a war with either N.K. or Iran.

Just why did Obama fire Flynn? No one is discussing this. Isn't that important now?

From "fake news" to "fake flags." Chris Hayes tonight. No outrage from the GOP or 45 supporters.

Trump sends photo of flag with 39 stars in message to Melania.

The attacks no one is paying attention to.


This is where some of that huge military budget is going.
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