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Gender: Do not display
Hometown: PA
Home country: USA
Current location: MD
Member since: Tue Jan 31, 2017, 06:35 AM
Number of posts: 2,198

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Ardant GOP and Trump hater!

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And while we are not looking...


First West Bank settlement in 20 years. Get ready.

BAMB!!! Clinton Watts is the MAN!!

I have been saying for the longest we should just ignore and ban anything from Wikileaks. He is right on with this.

We should also ignore 45's tweets and Sean's pressers.

The solution to our economic situation is simple but no one will do it.

First, people (especially voters) must be told and helped to understand and accept this:

Immigrants are not the cause of our economic woes. Our nation was built on the backs of immigrants, workers, and minorities. They are not taking the good paying jobs from whites. [Automation and technology are.]

Trade deals are good for the nation EXCEPT when they are made for the purpose of exporting jobs for much cheaper labor or to escape paying US taxes and regulations. [Some of out best economic days were under taxes they were sometimes at levels of 70% combined income, earned and unearned, on wealthy people who had mostly unearned income. Labor unions thrived, jobs were good paying with good benefits.]

The top 2% are not paying their fair share in taxes but receive the bulk of their subsidies for NOT producing jobs and NOT growing food.

One of the greatest drags on our economy is the extremely high cost of housing and rents. Foreign owned housing developments and rental developments are under the radar but slowly coming to light because of the money laundering being exposed by the Russia investigation. China, Japan, Russia, the Dutch and Saudi Arabia and Korea are hugely invested into our housing and rental markets and they are slowly bleeding us into oblivion. The especially high rental costs to small businesses has dealt a crippling blow to the creation of jobs for mom and pop stores and strip malls that fuel many communities. [It's not so much the immigration of people here, but the immigration of money, legitimate and illegitimate.]

The much peddled lie about our corporate taxes being too high causes businesses to flee must be exposed. In fact, the loopholes, write offs, and subsidies lead to almost and, in some cases, actual zero effective taxes for big businesses.

If we want a widespread booming economy again...that is one were all levels are prospering...some of the automation and technologies must be rolled back to provide good jobs for those who are becoming more and more marginalized. SCREAM!!! It's this simple: People, including immigrants, work and buy things. Robots do not!

WTF??l 45 sets up a photo op commission on addressing opioid crisis and his HHS Sec

won't support the insurance mandate to cover drug treatment. This is the most insane administration in my lifetime. They speak out of both sides of their mouth, lie, cheat and steal. I can't believe the scumbag HHS Sec.

People please get out and vote these bastards out of office in 2018.

Just a few minutes ago 45 says we are doing so well in Iraq after we killed over 200 civilians.

And he has to "thank" Melania for being there like it was a huge sacrifice.

I can't stand this scumbag.

There should be no immunity for those volunteering to testify. Isn't this the main reason for their

sudden urge to testify before the Intel Committee? (Stone, Manafort, Page?)

Who is going to throw whom under the bus?

Looks like 45 is keeping his promise to "bomb the hell out of them." 200 civilians said killed.


This was aerial bombing and not drone attacks, right? Media not talking that much about it.

Did today's events cut heart out of the Bannon hold over the WH? Standing up to bullies is best.

Maybe the House will begin to take our government back? Democrats united can not be divided and we are always "stronger together."


Do not let up. Never forget what these scumbags wanted to do, what they wanted to take away, and how they planned on doing it. The GOP is forever handcuffed to their attempted dark deeds.

DAMN! Is this true. A witness for what?


A lawyer connected to murdered Putin foe Sergei Magnitsky has been thrown from a window in Moscow. He was a witness for the U.S.
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