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Gender: Do not display
Hometown: PA
Home country: USA
Current location: MD
Member since: Tue Jan 31, 2017, 06:35 AM
Number of posts: 2,198

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Ardant GOP and Trump hater!

Journal Archives

What happened with Tamron Hall?

Is FOX taking over NBC?

Anybody tired of winning yet?

Remember, Trump said we were going to win so much we would be tired of winning?

Now I understand special ops to go after a "big fish" and collaterally picking up planning documents, hard drives and other info. But a special ops plan of no other reason than to possibly grab computers, and documents of the enemy seems strange to me. especially given the risks involved. Two hard drives for a billion dollar helicopter seems unbalanced to me.

And why were the enemy so prepared for this raid? Might it be those unsecured tweets or communications among the new administration?

When prisoners revolt and take hostages because of Trump being President...

what does it mean?

I must have mis-heard the report on MSNBC or mis-read their banner. I thought it said that the prisoners in at the DE prison mentioned Donald Trump in their grievance petition.

These people can't even vote and they are up in arms using Trump a one of their reasons.

I might have missed this. Did anyone else see the text of the grievances?

Has the UN verified that Iran actually violated any resolution?

We put them on notice for what. Being a sovereign nation?

Will Trump draw a red line, green line, or no line on Ukraine?


Was this what they discussed in that phone call?
Did we issue a warning to Iran to draw attention away from this?

We have already started saber rattling with Iran. Why did Press give the notice and not Trump?

Tillerson just in time to get the groundwork laid for attacking Iran.

Who were the Dems who crossed over to vote for Tillerson?

Take names.

Something really, really bothers me about this lunatic that is now President, the GOP and the media.

Maybe it's just me. But just take one thought at a time.

Bannon is definitely running things in the WH. He is a mad who has made no bones about wanting to tear down America, destroy the government, and cause as much chaos as possible?
Now, why is no one in the media focusing on these known facts and questioning his motives and those of the people who
surround him and support him?

Why is there no in depth investigation into the ties and links between Trump, his co-harts and all those in his inner circle who
have known ties to Russia government and Russian oligarchs?

The GOP historically wears what they deem as "patriotism" on their collective sleeves and have always accused the Democrats of being unpatriotic, putting America last, soft on communism, weak in the face of other nations, and non-supporters of our military.
Yet, they are virtually silent about the Kremlin puppets now in charge of our government. Silent about the relationships of the Trump cabinet to the wealthy elites in Russia (or who actually live here but are Russian citizens.).
They criticized President Obama as being a weak leader, yet he never capitulated to Putin the way Trump and they have.

The media is chasing the diversions set up for them by the Trumpsters: crowd-gate, Ban-gate, now confirmation-gate. All these are important issues but they ALL should be placed and viewed on the palette of Russian-Putin interference and influence on our political and economic systems. There are links in every one of these issues and it seems as though no one is paying attention or even cares.

Is there a way for me to add my on Avatar from my FB page?

Are we limited to the DU list?
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