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Hometown: PA
Home country: USA
Current location: MD
Member since: Tue Jan 31, 2017, 07:35 AM
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Ardant GOP and Trump hater!

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GOP is only after 'REPEAL AND REPLACE" with "REPEAL" being most important to them.

Otherwise, at this point they don't give a damn about who their bill helps or hurts. They can swallow "no tax cuts" because they can always cut taxes other ways. They simply can not lose the "REPEAL" meme.

That's what the public should understand and the Democrats should be helping them understand that. That goes to the "meanest" of the GOP like their exalted leader said.

CNN is now falling all over themselves to normalize Trump making money off the Presidency.

It made me want to throw up hearing how they just choked over the three journalists who resigned for not following CNN policies.
The standard they used to measure Trump's behavior was Trump himself. Like this is the way he has always done business and behaved.

I am firing off a e-mail and tweet to let them know how ridiculous they sounded. They were as much against the media as the Trump. The standard they should be using is what would they and the voters be saying if Hillary were President and using her home as rental vacation property to the public.

Just read what they are saying about the vacation the Obama's are taking now.

The hypocrisy is maddening. How much more can we take and what can we do about it?

In the meantime, I bet few have heard about the Al Jazeera journalist in prison in Egypt or the two journalists killed there. And how many here have read a sentence about our latest bombing in Syria that killed about 50 civilian being held in ISIL jail? Yeah, that. Saudi Arabia banned Al Jazeera for telling the truth about the royal family. If you want to know what is really going on outside this country I suggest that you read the new reports posted at Al Jazeera and if you believe the unsubstantiated hype about them, check them against other sources of news.

It is sickening how our media is betraying us under the guise of being worried about being fair to the Trumpians. They could tell of more of the truth but they seem unwilling to do so...Rachel and Larry aside.

Remember Dems, YOU DON'T HAVE TO REPEAL TO REPAIR! Don't give up the fight, ever!!

Stop the GOP meme of REPEAL and REPLACE. Make them change it to REPAIR and RESUME! People feel more secure with that meme.

Dems need to say this loud and clear!:THE GOP IS COLLAPSING OBAMACARE ON PURPOSE SO THEY CAN

GET SUPPORT TO REPEAL IT. They don't care about the healthcare of citizens. They just want, and Trump especially wants, to repeal anything and everything Obama achieved.

This should be the talking point on every TV show every radio show where a Gem appears as a guest. We have to fight them on their level. Their talking point is that Obamacare is collapsing. We need to make it know that Obamacare is working in many places and where it is not, it is because the GOP is withholding the funds necessary to make it fail.

Our message should be that we want to CORRECT the problems with the exchanges and we want to put forth a PUBLIC OPTION like Medicare for those who could qualify.

We don't hear enough from the Democrats about how the GOP works to wreck Obamacare and

then says Obamacare is crashing.

People need to know how the GOP has worked behind the scenes with the insurance companies and some of the media to push this talking point. They need to know how and why the insurance companies leave the markets in the places they do leave. They need to know that the insurance companies HAVE NOT lost money, in fact how much they have made with Obamacare. They need to realize how many jobs have been created because of Obamacare. Not enough being done to educate the voters about their own self-interest. Control the message, control the masses...the GOP is good at this.

Open letter from Al Jazeera


Very interesting!

Anybody out there still think voting to keep a Dam you don't like out of office is wise? SCOTUS!!!!

This should tell every Dem what they must do in 2018.

Media framing the SCOTUS decision on the ban as a win for Trump. Sad.

Oh, no!! Not the coal miners! By all means, don't LOCK HIM UP if he is white male winger.


Hundreds of Conn's clients in the impoverished coalfields of eastern Kentucky and West Virginia have been fighting to keep their disability checks. Ned Pillersdorf, who represents Conn's former clients, has said the anger toward Conn "is overwhelming."
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