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Gender: Do not display
Hometown: PA
Home country: USA
Current location: MD
Member since: Tue Jan 31, 2017, 07:35 AM
Number of posts: 2,198

About Me

Ardant GOP and Trump hater!

Journal Archives

Trump doesn't owe Mika an apology. He owes the country an apology! Mika and Joe get what they

asked for by supporting that scumbag.

What is wrong with these people? And remember Carly supported him and campaigned for him after his nasty attack about her looks. They all deserve what he hands them.

I wish someone would ask him about the carrier jobs and will the coal miners go the same way?

Look at his smug ass talking about energy now. He is has no remorse, no sense of shame, in fact

he looks damn proud of himself. I call this tripling down on his nastiness. When will Karma strike him and his cabal.

Would it be possible for the Dems to present a Public Option amendment to the ACA as a resolution?

It seems to me that a carefully crafted Public Option could reduce the need for Medicaid expansion for SOME segments of the population. Working on the details... but if middle income families had a public option buy-in for keeping grandma in nursing care that might help? Just asking.

What is with Trump's fetish about women bleeding? He has some serious problems with sexism.

FLOTUS is just as bad...she has to support him whenever he takes a swipe at women.

How many other media folks have said or implied that Trump is crazy? Mika has not been the only one.

Trump and the GOP know they can always pivot to something racist to save them from bad policy.

Ot Trumps bad behavior.

They are doing it now...immigration. They make it sound like there was nothing done to enforce immigration laws under the Obama administration. Wonder what happened to "state rights" now?

In the meantime don't look at his nasty tweet against Mika and by no means think about what the GOP is trying to do with Obamacare and taxes.

Rand Paul is full of Ayn Rand shit!

That is all.

If Tillerson is so upset with the WH, why didn't he resign?

Reason McConnell couldn't get a healthcare deal because most of GOP feels it isn't mean enough.

That's what all the Democratic spokespeople should be saying when they get home for the 4th.

Damn!! Only Rachel.

I am beginning to worry about her safety. I guess the powers feel that as long as Trump keeps shouting "fake news" they have nothing to worry about? But Rachel seems to be able and willing to do real journalism on MSNBC.

After tonights revelations about the investigative committee in Congress ( goth houses) if people don't rise up against the GOP and get them out of power we are truly going to fulfill the prediction of one commentator that our institutions will not save us.

Th shit is getting really scary.
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