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Hometown: PA
Home country: USA
Current location: MD
Member since: Tue Jan 31, 2017, 07:35 AM
Number of posts: 2,198

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Ardant GOP and Trump hater!

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I mentioned in earlier posts last month but Obama's warning about rejecting TPP will be more

understood as we try to use leverage over the countries Trump now has to deal with. The Paris accord and TPP are connected at the hip and the economic issues are far more important to these countries than hyped up worries about nukes in NK or anywhere else since using them would mean certain destruction of all nations.

When people support and love politicians like Christie and Trump it says much more about who the are

than it says about the politician who may be acting a certain way to get your sorry vote.

And that is the really scary thing!

Joe Scar still seems to be trying to give Trump comfort about the election by trashing HRC campaign.

We now know that her campaign was not as bad as the pundits like to say...the Dems still picked up seats in the House and Senate and the margins of victory for Trump were much closer than most like to admit in the blue states and purple areas in which she should have run. Pushing this now to assuage Trumps and our feelings about the Russian interference only dilutes the intensity to go after the Russian hacking and interference. And Trump is really afraid that a very close, HONEST review of the voting will actually show that hackers may have been able to change votes or at least keep some votes from being counted in his favor.

Not reliving the election but challenging Joe Scar and the new media push to give Trump cover.

Why is no legal group challenging this voter registration info request for its "chilling effect" on

potential voters? The request itself is a form of voter suppression. Whether or not it goes into affect, it has already done its damage to potential voter registrants especially among minorities. There ought to be a civil rights case on this that tell the WH to cease this action and informs the potential voters and registered voters that their data will not be shared with the government without privacy protections. It this is not against the law, then Congress ought to pass a law to protect this data.

I have read since Saturday about 14 accidental gun shootings, some fatal including two toddlers.

Why is there no focus on this? Isn't this an epidemic?

Few are paying attention but we are bombing the hell out of Iraqi civilians to give cover to the

coalition fighting ISIS. These poor people have no place to go. They will either be killed by ISIS or by US.

It's important to NOT give Trump a "win" on healthcare...or most anything else for that matter.

It will just embolden his bad behavior and the evil tendencies of the GOP. If either of them were going to use a win for good service and with good intentions that would be one thing to consider for supporting a balanced approach. But we all know, and some of us don't care, that when Trump wins and the GOP "wins" they use it for no real good except to themselves and their wealthy controllers.

It's like trying to pamper a bear to leave the premises and not eat the children by offering it honey.

Manchin needs to go if he continues to stand behind this narcissistic sociopath. We need not cave. The GOP didn't when Obama was President and look where that got them...everything they wanted.

I simply cannot understand these people excusing Trump's CNN video. WTF is wrong with people?

How much more can go wrong?


He is now hell bent on cementing poor relations with China.

So the organized media has decided to pivot the news on behalf of Trump's belligerence in letting

the generals run free.

With no conception of history, Trump does not realize that the Generals are the ones behind overthrowing every authoritarian leader in history...for good or ill?

Current example: http://www.aljazeera.com/indepth/features/2017/07/egypt-worse-indicator-2013-coup-170702072016494.html
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