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Hometown: PA
Home country: USA
Current location: MD
Member since: Tue Jan 31, 2017, 07:35 AM
Number of posts: 2,198

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Ardant GOP and Trump hater!

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You may think the GOP is putting party above country but they are not. They are putting SELF above

everything else. They are compromised and I shudder to think what the Russians have on them and what they gave up to maintain power. It is utterly frightening. I am waiting for the link between Grosuch and Putin.

We all know damn well that Russia hacked not only the RNC but most of the GOP now in office.

That is why most of them are reluctant to speak out against the Russian hacking, trying to divert attention every which way, and that is why they continue to try to protect Trump. They are compromised bigly! Both Houses...

That can be the only explanation why the GOP is unwilling to go full throat after Trump and his minions with half as much zeal as they went after Hillary over fake news and trumped up scandals. There is no other explanation. When Rubio said they should be taking this hacking seriously, he looked frightened then but he knew what he was talking about.

There is nothing left for them to do except to DIVERT, DIVERT, DIVERT, DISTORT, DISTORT, DISTORT...
They know damn well they have handed over the country to the Russians and can't get it back!

It is going to be up to the real Americans, the real patriots, the real citizens, the real activists, the real forgotten to get it back and it will take time. It will take being alert, suspicious, and aware. Folks you can't make this shit up! IT'S GOING DOWN BIGLY!

Think back to the ones who wanted to stuff off the Russian hacking and the ones who keep saying its all a NOTHINGBURGER~ They know damn well it isn't and they know if they don't soon produce for Putin they will be outed too.


Lock Steve King up for trying to blackmail Congress into stopping an ongoing investigation.

Isn't this obstruction of justice?

The upcoming interview of Trump by Pat Robertson should be an affront to good Christians everywhere.

How insulting to be taking the side of a probable devil worshiper who lies, cheats, steals, and promotes grabbing women by their genitals. But then, Pat Robertson is a charlatan of the worse kind...calling for God to strike Obama dead, cheating Africans out of diamonds and rare minerals to fatten his own pockets and using religion to do it.

Any REAL Christians (meaning the followers of the doctrine of Jesus Christ) ought to call into the show express their anger. But the only thing that will matter is withholding all that money they send him. Of course, he is wealthy enough now that it doesn't matter.

I just don't see how the "Orphan adoption" cover story helps the Trumpsters in any way.

The adoption-orphan issue links directly to the sanctions on Russia. Sure, I bet they did talk about orphans and adoption...like we *the Russian) will lift the adoption ban if you lift the sanctions.

Just where do these Russians and Trumpsters get all this money.

This builder that wanted to give damaging info on Hillary to Jr. looks like an everyday slob.

CALL RHONA!!! Make her testify under oath!!! Game over. Shades of Rosemary Woods.

Pence must be connected to this too. He lied on three occasions. Time to get the goods out there

on him. Ask Cummings.

Until people are in the street in protest over this Russian hold on Trump, nothing will be done by

the GOP. I don't know why the DNC is not out there making this a HUGE issue. Where is Bernie on this? It's almost like he wants to ignore it like the Rethugs.

So the GOP meme is that no one is talking about Russia out there in voter land. WELL then,

it is up to the media and up to us to get the media to inform the voters why the Russian connection is important not just for national security, for our democracy and our values. IT IS IMPORTANT BECAUSE THE RUSSIAN INTERFERENCE IS THE REASON WHY THEY ARE NOW SCARED SHITLESS ABOUT LOSING THEIR HEALTHCARE!! There is good reason for all of us to believe that Hillary ---despite her campaign missteps--would have won the election had it not been for Russian interference, the fake stories they put out about HRC including their pushing behind the scenes of the BLM movement and stories about rigged elections, etc.

It is up to the DNC to now get those messages out to the voters. There has to be a direct link to this Russian hacking and scandal and whatever directly affects the voters' own interest. NOW IS THE TIME TO HIT THIS HARD AND OFTEN. The Dam spokespeople need to stop trying to justify why the Russian interference is legal or unethical. They had a direct hand in interfering in our election and shaping the outcome. Thus millions of citizens are in danger of losing their healthcare, their consumer protections, and their public education. It's basic, people! The GOP DOES NOT CARE ABOUT WHAT HAPPENS TO THE AVEAGE VOTER. THEY WILL SELL OUR COUNTRY OUT TO KEEP THEIR POWER AND WEALTH AND THE REST OF US BE DAMNED! Why can't Democratic leadership see this shit for what it is. Yes, I am screaming for someone to pay attention to this. It's just that damned important.
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