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Hometown: PA
Home country: USA
Current location: MD
Member since: Tue Jan 31, 2017, 06:35 AM
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Ardant GOP and Trump hater!

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I really feel for the Appalachian coal miners. Thousands have lost jobs. But millions of others

have also lost jobs and livelihoods. Just ask the millions of women and me who worked in telephone services, linemen, operators and others. Just talk to a few men and women of the thousands who lost jobs in sanitation, parking lot attendants, supermarket and bank cashiers. People need to get a grip and understand that this nation and other nations are NOT going back to the way things used to be. Your problem are with the billionaire oligarch who now find it more profitable to just hand money around among themselves, built high tech business that require little or no real workforce. Large sections of the building industry are now prefab and even the building industry requires fewer workers and especially highly trained carpenters and bricklayers. Even the infrastructure we are about to fix up will require far fewer jobs as automated toll roads and modern road materials require less maintenance.

The con is right about creating Apprentice jobs but his plan is not inclusive and not far-reaching enough to make major impact for a long time. The two main industries that will produce the most good paying jobs are the two industries that the GOP and its RW bigots are trying to kill off: green energy and healthcare.

We are not doing a good job of messaging!

Remember when Hillary said that when she and Bill left the WH they were virtually broke?

Remember how the GOP, some here and in the media scoffed at her and accused her of lying?

Well a few of the Trumpsters are about to find out why she said that. Pence is now holding a fundraiser to help pay is attorney fees (wonder how much of our tax dollars will be used and covered up?) LAWYER UP!!

So Trump helps Russia by reversing Obama Cuba policy.

Now the Russian are going build a base in Cuba and build a super infrastructure for them according to NBC Nightly News. Well, there goes those US jobs and business.

Sorry Greta, but Pence lied to the public and to Congress on at least two occasions.

He was warned about Flynn in a letter from Cummings...there is a record. Wait for the news about his meetings with Russian agents as well. He lied under oath.

Keep asking the HARD question, Nancy Pelosi: What do the Russians have on Trump? Why does

Trump go out of his way to protect and champion Russia and Russia's allies?

I do not believe that Trump is worried about financial ties to Russia (everyone expects that, right?). He doesn't know enough to care about the Russian form of government or ties to the oligarchs. I really believe that what Trump worries about most is the bit of revelation in that infamous dossier that they don't want to talk about. Kinky or perverted sex is the one thing that would turn his base upside down (even with only faux outrage). What they have on Trump didn't even have to take place IN RUSSIA because their spying is epic! Being charged with obstruction of justice is almost a welcome relief to the Trumpeter to my thinking. And a lot of his protectors may even be subject to the same kind of blackmail...including Flynn. Just thinking out loud. I can't come up with any other reason for the treasonous protection of Putin and Russia. Can you?

Everyone in Congress and in the media calling for unity now. They are calling for working with the

other side. Every GOPer who is crying for cooperation ought to go back and review their behavior over the last 8 years.
Where were they? Where were the Democrats who scorned President Obama for trying to work with the GOP to get something done?

I remember being here and seeing all the folks criticizing "third-waters" smearing the so-called "establishment." Criticizing everything that Pres. Obama did that was pure left ideology Slamming Hillary for talking to Wall Street to try to establish a working relationship with those who literally control our economy. I remember the attacks on Nancy Pelosi from our own side.

As for the media, I remember their false equivalence and their lop-sided pundit schedules and their promotion of all things Trump and Sanders to the almost total exclusion of Hillary coverage except for the negative Benghazi and e-mail faux scandals.

Somehow I still hold out hope that we will now do better and that those in charge mean what they are saying now (except for that scumbag Newt). I hope and hope. The stench of bull shit is rising though.

So, is Trump just giving up all the macho hype about North Korea?

They have been blasting off missiles and still have three prisoners, sent one home in a coma.

3 mass shootings today. "This American carnage stops here and right now!" (Trump Inauguration spee

I need some help from the Board. I went to YouTube to pull up Trump's "second amendment comment"

The video is there but there is NO SOUND.

Can someone check this out for me. The sound on all my other streaming on YouTube works fine.

When Trump suggested a "second amendment solution" where was the outrage by the GOP?

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