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Hometown: PA
Home country: USA
Current location: MD
Member since: Tue Jan 31, 2017, 07:35 AM
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Ardant GOP and Trump hater!

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All the Democrats have to do is stick together and vote.

Get rid of the notion of purist progressive bashing of the party loyalists and stop calling them and painting them as "elitist"
and think about winning. We out number them. What they have over us is that they stick together. They did that in 2016 and we battled to destroy ourselves from within. We must stick together. We must be true Democrats. We have the numbers and we do have the message is only we sing from the same page and take it to the media that they must give us the time and fair play that they did not give us in 2016. We do not need outsiders, our tent is and was already big. It was detrimentally split in 2016, not by Hillary, but by her detractors.

Remember, lots of GOP voter did not like Trump BUT THEY VOTED FOR HIM. They put their mistrust and dislike aside and WON when they should not have. I blame the divide. It will always be that way if we don't stop sacrificing the good going for the perfect. That is what the GOP has over us. That is what they always had over us. WE NEED TO WAKE THE FUCK UP!! We are our own worse enemies. Months after the election that they won, they are still badgering Hillary and Nancy and that is what they use as glue to hold it together against us. They do not let up. They hold their noses and vote the party!

Just even think about how many Dems treated Obama because he wanted to get something done with healthcare. I remember how he was cursed for not going all the way with universal health care and getting nothing. When will we learn? We are the party with compassion and soul and patriotism. We are the party for inclusion and have worked hard for policies to benefit working men and women for decades. We spend too much time eating our own instead of building up those who are working for our good and not tearing us down. I am proud of Nancy. I am proud of Hillary. I am proud of the so-called "establishment" who carried the message of civil rights, voter rights, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Workers Comp., Workplace safety, Family Leave, Consumer protection and all the other socially responsible programs. But what do we do...join the opposition and shamelessly call for Hillary to shut up and sit down. Bemoan Nancy as too old and out of touch when she has accomplished so much for us in Congress.

Tonight my family in GA made me do angry I could spit. They have begun to sound like the opposition. Sure we can always improve on our party but not by asking loyal Democrats to get lost. WTF is wrong with people?
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Shake-up in Saudi Arabia: Wait for the war...


This is the key to keeping the masses quiet: "In celebration of the news, King Salman ordered the reinstatement of all benefits and allowances for government employees that had been curbed by austerity measures, and granted additional days off for the upcoming Eid holiday that marks the end of Ramadan."

Looks like they are fighting the Civil War again and this time they are winning.

Removed the sheets and put on suits and went to the state houses and local councils.

Just spoke to a couple of my cousins in GA. Nothing surpasses the vote like a cop murdering an innocent black man and getting off totally free. Take it to the bank.

"What's use in voting?" "They won't count our votes anyway," "As long as Trump is President, it will only get worse."

That's what I heard tonight. I am sickened.

Just what did Trump do to get prisoner home from NK?

I am hearing his praises from the parents of dead teen and the media. I am still at a loss to understand what he did that Obama didn't do. And why are they saying the Obama administration did nothing to get US prisoners home?

Trump administration must have been told to tamp down on the latest Russian spat over Syria.

Otherwise, this story should be all over the news. If Obama were President it would be.

Someone who knows please give me the skinny on Bitcoin. To buy or not to buy. Limited funds.

Why TF are the cables just talking about Trump tweets when Russia is vowing to shoot down any fling

object over Syria. I am sick of hearing about Trump Tweets about this on=going investigation until something really happens. There is too much going on in the world around us. MSNBC and CNN STOP COVERING THE BULLSHIT!!!

Visited HP for the first time in a while. Boy the layout is awful to me. Looks like a 'fake news'

spot. What ever happened to them? The link has the look and feel of RW fake news gathering spot.

Quickly ran back to DU.

The more I watch the pundits on cable, the more I feel Trump is likely to get away with everything.

From Russia hacking, collusion, obstruction, and just plain lying to his own base. There appears to be no taking him down because of the loyal base he has in heavily gerrymandered districts. The "purists" continue to demand the Democrats who have the power to do anything in Congress and the same for the DNC. There seems to be one or killings per day of black citizens by police and nothing is being done about it nor will it be done by the current Justice Department. There is, within me, a lack of hope that I have not witnessed in my lifetime, even going through the 50s, 60s and 70s.

Staying away from the news ... still didn't help. Turned on some Country music...made matter worse.

I am trying to hold on but it is really getting tough to do so. Hoping to get over this feeling of hopelessness. I need a drink.

The more I talk to my family across the country, the worse it gets. They are feeling the same way.

Congrats to Beyonce on the birth of her twins.

I just couldn't help it. I usually am pretty cool but I was baited.

I just had to reply to Trump's Tweet. Said that he would never be loved and respected like his predecessor and undoing all Obama's accomplishments that helped make life better for most people is just making people like Obama better. I guess I will be taken down on Twitter.
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