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Tim Ryan is one of the reasons we can't stick together.

Just heard him on Morning Joe. He is still campaigning against Nancy. And pushing the notion that the Democrats do not have an economic message to win back voters. Says touting training programs and creating jobs that don't exist is not a good strategy and then turns around and says we need apprentice jobs and good paying jobs support for small business. In the past he has blamed Hillary and Democrats in general for not having an economic message. That was not true then and is not true now. This is not "re-fighting the past election" but just giving evidence that the charges against our party of not having an economic message or economic plan are baseless:




Trump's message of bigotry, racism, and misogyny and general hate for "those others" and his anti-immigration message is the difference no one wants to admit to but it is the REAL reason for a lot of the close losses in those red-purple areas. Couple that with the purist still sitting home and we will still be facing the same problems of the last election.

All of these "Democrats have no message- Democrats" can't or don't express the message they would use or want to use. Have not heard any one of them say anything close to a different message that Democratic candidates have said over the past two decades...and it has all been about the people and the working families.

Now Rep Rice of NY is doing and saying the same thing Tim Ryan just did. And they have no different message nor do the progressive spokespeople out there say anything differently. Get it straight, we are about to be victim of over-correction. We have had the right message since FDR and we almost can offer nothing different for the blue-collar worker in this changing economy and tech-driving environment unless we go back to being "Dixicrats" with their message of racism and exclusion.
Get real! we are not going to do that so the next best thing we can do to fight off the Trumpsters is to protect and fix our elections and the problems at the ballot box! There is where our latest problems lie. VOTERS AND VOTING!

REALIZE! Good Democrats, please realize what is going on. Once you know the enemy,

you can fight.

The BOTS are yanking all our chains from e-mails to voting registrations. The media is BOT friendly too. They may not realize it but they are useful tools of the BOT brigade

Voters of all sides should get organized to protest their precincts especially in those areas where the numbers don't add up huge numbers of voter registrations have disappeared. This needs to be a well organized protest that doesn't let up until every suspect precinct has been proved safe and secure from BOT attacks.

As Democrats we need to help our DNC address this issue and stop wasting our valuable time and energy fighting it and fighting among ourselves. Protesting in the street is one thing, protesting a precinct is another and probably will result in a more effective outcome for us.

AND BY THIS, I MEAN WE HAVE TO KNOW, SCREEN, OUR ELECTION OFFICIALS AND THEIR STAFFS ALL OVER THE DAMN COUNTRY! We can no longer just register and hope to be able to vote. We must ensure that our registrations are secure and that our votes are counted. We have left this part of the voting system in the UNCHECKED hands of people who are poorly trained, poorly monitored, weak and vulnerable to intimidation by corrupt officials. This all involves getting more involved in LOCAL POLITICS AND BEING SURE TO KNOW WHO IS CONTROLLING YOUR POLLING AND VOTING PRECINCTS AND MAINTAINING OUR VOTER REGISTRATION RECORDS. NO ONE ELSE CAN DO THIS FOR US BUT US!!

This movement must be well organized and free of divisions within. The decisions about open or closed primaries is a totally different matter. It doesn't matter what kind of primary it is if our votes don't count or if many of us legally registered are unable to vote as in past elections. The past is past, going forward we must ensure that it is not prologue.


Is it too much to hope that there are at least 3 GOP Senators who have a heart?

Are there three GOP Senators who really want to retire and go out making history who are willing to put their constituents ahead of party? I have dreams of threes such Senators just saying "fuck it" I refuse to go through another term under this much vitriol. After eight years of throwing humanity to the wind and using all their energy and money to fight Obama on every turn, I would be tired by now and want to be at peace.

So why is the media still covering Trumps rallies? It's the same ole same ole and the media did

this throughout the 2016 election and it got Trump elected.

Can we ever get the media to stop saying that the Democrats have no message or policy to reach

the working man an woman? It's NOT the Democrats who have no message or policy it's the MEDIA that keeps saying that and not reporting on the message or the policy. Steve Kornacke that means you!

I believe I heard about a special on TV about the opioid crisis in the USA. Anyone have info on

where and when this will be aired?

Judicial Watch is at it again. Be careful in your districts. An organized 45 "voter fraud" patrol

Thank god our election officials in Montgomery County MD are smart enough to handle them:

BOE Banner Head
On June 19, 2017, the Montgomery County Board of Elections voted to endorse the following statement from Board President James Shalleck. The statement is in response to issues raised by Judicial Watch to the Maryland State Board of Elections regarding maintenance of the Montgomery County voter registration records.
Statement by the Montgomery County Board of Elections in Response to Judicial Watch Letter:

Jim Shalleck, President of the Board

The Maryland Office of the Attorney General has responded to an inquiry by Judicial Watch that incorrectly suggested that Montgomery County has more registered voters than citizens of voting age. Montgomery County has at all times followed federal and state law in maintaining an accurate voter registration list, while carefully protecting the rights of those eligible to vote.

Judicial Watch’s analysis is flawed in several respects:

It does not take into account the thousands of 16- and 17-year-olds pre-registered to vote under Maryland law and not included by definition in the census data for Montgomery County’s population age 18 and above. Montgomery County has a robust Future Vote program to involve students in the community, resulting in thousands of students registering to vote, but who are not eligible to vote yet.

It does not take into account thousands of people serving in the military, governmental agencies, or non-governmental organizations who are living overseas (and therefore may not be counted as Montgomery County residents by the Census), but are legally registered to vote in Montgomery County and retain their voting status here under federal and state law.
Judicial Watch may have underestimated Montgomery County’s current voting age population by comparing the 2016 voter registration numbers with the five-year Census estimate for the 2011-2015 American Community Survey, rather than using the one-year Census estimate for 2015 (the most recent available year). Census data shows that Montgomery County’s population has increased every year since 2010, and the voting-age proportion of the population during that time period also has increased. Thus, a voting-age population estimate based on a five-year period ending in 2015 could significantly undercount the population.
It incorrectly asserts that Montgomery County’s number of registered voters suggests that we are not conducting reasonable voter registration maintenance as mandated under the federal National Voter Registration Act of 1993 (NVRA). On the contrary, the Board of Elections’ staff performs year-round voter list maintenance following the NVRA and Maryland guidelines, regulations and laws. Board staff works through returned mail from previous elections, collaborates with other States with voter data exchanged through the non-profit organization Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC) and obtains information from governmental agencies, such as the Jury Commission, to update the Boards of Elections’ voter files. The Board has legally cancelled thousands of voters from the rolls who are no longer eligible to vote in Montgomery County. Between June 2015 and April 2017, 75,980 individuals had their voter registration canceled or removed in Montgomery County because they were no longer eligible to vote in this county. That process began and was no different during the previous four years.

As federal courts have acknowledged, the NVRA strictly limits removals of voters from the voter rolls unless the voter confirms the change or a waiting period has elapsed, which can result in a higher number of registered voters until they qualify for removal. For example, between June 2015 and April 2017 Montgomery County moved 59,120 voters from an active to inactive status - - a necessary step under federal law in many instances before a voter’s registration can be canceled only if he/she confirms the change or does not vote in two successive federal elections.

The Montgomery County Board of Elections takes very seriously its obligation to maintain an accurate and up-to-date voter registration list under the law. We will continue to aggressively perform list maintenance in conformance with federal and state law, while carefully protecting the rights of those eligible to vote.

Media Contact: Marjorie Roher, 240-777-8625

J Johnson up testifying as GOP attempts to blame, again, Obama for Russian hacking.

It's worth a watch. Learn what we are up against and keep in mind the Russian bots that were used.

Be WARNED again! It seems we are forgetting. The war is alive and well, just listen to the GOP on

cable now. And they are going full steam ahead. They know our focus is short and the divide is real.

They know and they don't care because it helps them!

It's the job of our spokespeople to stop the media from their downer mantras today.

The cable news has already begun to beat down the Democratic achievements in the special elections. Our spokespeople need to get out there and strike a healthy hopeful note and take the offensive stance that we are coming after those GOP seats in 2018 and that we will win most of them. At least sound like we are on the offense. We allow the media to frame our message and our spirits. STOP IT! Perez needs to contact the Dem spokespeople with clear marching orders to take the positive offense.

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