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Hometown: PA
Home country: USA
Current location: MD
Member since: Tue Jan 31, 2017, 07:35 AM
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Ardant GOP and Trump hater!

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The revelations of today about the dilemma facing Obama re the Russian hacking makes Obama

even more dear to my soul. The outright decency of the man is something to behold. Do I wish that he had done more. In hindsight I can say yes. Being there at the time, I believe he did what he thought was the right thing to do AND, REMEMBER, most everyone thought Hillary was going to win.

My real beef is with the GOP Senate and McConnell. I even remember Harry Reid asking that some information be released to the public.

This ought to be a real message to those who supported and voted for Trump for "change" or just in rank disdain for Hillary and for anyone who really, really love this country with all its faults. Being "patriotic" doesn't mean wearing an "R" behind you name. It means making difficult decisions to put country over party and to do the thing you feel is right not the thing you think is convenient.

I sincerely hope the few Republicans toiling with their vote for "replace and repeal" take these new revelations to heart and decide to no longer place the power in the hands of the folks who you know will never do the right thing.

BTW, President Obama, I appreciate your service and admire your decency.

Nina Turner, please STOP!

It's called food stamps, it's called Pell Grants, it's called S-CHIP, it's called unemployment compensation, it's SS disability, it's called SS Survivor benefits, Medicare and on and on...damn! African American women have benefited directly from all of those DEMOCRATIC policies that you now seem to believe only went to whites.

Your constant mis-directed bitching just works keep more and more minority women depressed and away from the voting booths. Have you learned nothing from 2016?

When the opposition can take your eyes off the ball they steal it and score more points. Ask Ben Carson, Clarence Thomas, Steve Harvey, Sheila Johnson, Maxine Waters, Barbara Lee, Kamala Harris what the Democratic Party has or hasn't done for black women. Ask my grandmother, mother, aunts, and cousins. No it's not been a cake-walk and much more needs to be done but when you make it seem like black women have nothing to show for supporting Democrats it sickens a lot of us to the core.

Yes, I admire your spunk and energy but sometimes I think you just like to hear yourself bitch!

Notice the carefully worded denial about Trump's alleged tapes?

It didn't pass the smell test to me.

Anybody else hear that the tax cuts to the rich from the ACHA will be RETROACTIVE to a certain date?

I almost wrecked my car when I heard that. The GOP is making our ads for us, why the hell don't we use the material?

All this bullshit of Cruz and Paul and two other GOPers not supporting the new health Bill

is designed to make it look like McConnell is much more powerful at leading the Senate than he really is. What ever they come up with will be Obamacare tweaked and said to be repealed and replaced.

Anybody think there WERE actually tapes and they supported what Comey testified?

Trump and minion spent all this time trying to figure how to slice and dice them to discredit Comey? I do not believe for one minute that Trump does not tape whomever he is talking to in the WH. Wants to use the leverage it might give him.

What's a President to do? Take credit for record low gas prices? Or make the oil industry angry?

So we don't need more coal if oil is so cheap...what will the miners say? Oil stocks will plummet, will that make the oil cons angry?

Will many more jobs be lost as oil continues downward...think about those red states that live or die by oil.


The sheet is visible to those who wear the special glasses that his supporters have been given. Nothing else makes sense as to why he is still so appealing to the working men and women his policies will hurt the most.

Racism still TRUMPS good policy and common sense.
Even I hate to admit that it still exists at such levels in those electoral districts to the extent that it does. That is why we need to take our fight to and set our sights on the election boards, polling precincts and the people who run them.

It just hit me while watching MSNBC as one pundit said

The message should be that this bill is a start of eliminating Medicaid. Middle class working families need to understand that Medicaid is what allows them to take care of grandma in her old age while the rest of the family goes to work.

We need better messaging about the issues we care about. The poster here who said a bit of hyperbole might be a good thing. The protests that surely will be organized need to be informing bystanders that Medicaid might disappear completely within the next 5 years.

Has anyone else noticed that the GOP Congresspeople who are interviewed on cable foam at the mouth

when answering questions? They become almost rabid, speaking all over the interviewer, especially when challenged with facts and reasonable questions that they seem not to want to or can't answer.

This is a sign to me that they are not just angry with the interviewer but angry with themselves and their own hate-filled agenda. It's almost as thought the ghost of a competent, compassionate, cool Obama haunts them and is driving them insane.

I thought Johnson was going to have a stroke on Morning Joe.
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