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Gender: Do not display
Hometown: PA
Home country: USA
Current location: MD
Member since: Tue Jan 31, 2017, 06:35 AM
Number of posts: 2,198

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Ardant GOP and Trump hater!

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We don't hear enough from the Democrats about how the GOP works to wreck Obamacare and

then says Obamacare is crashing.

People need to know how the GOP has worked behind the scenes with the insurance companies and some of the media to push this talking point. They need to know how and why the insurance companies leave the markets in the places they do leave. They need to know that the insurance companies HAVE NOT lost money, in fact how much they have made with Obamacare. They need to realize how many jobs have been created because of Obamacare. Not enough being done to educate the voters about their own self-interest. Control the message, control the masses...the GOP is good at this.

Open letter from Al Jazeera


Very interesting!

Anybody out there still think voting to keep a Dam you don't like out of office is wise? SCOTUS!!!!

This should tell every Dem what they must do in 2018.

Media framing the SCOTUS decision on the ban as a win for Trump. Sad.

Oh, no!! Not the coal miners! By all means, don't LOCK HIM UP if he is white male winger.


Hundreds of Conn's clients in the impoverished coalfields of eastern Kentucky and West Virginia have been fighting to keep their disability checks. Ned Pillersdorf, who represents Conn's former clients, has said the anger toward Conn "is overwhelming."

They are trying to wear us down! do not let them.

The GOP are political super-scumbags. Had they never labeled the ACA "Obamacare" we would not be

fighting this healthcare fight. We may very well be fighting a different healthcare fight but no one of "Replace and Repeal."

Just remember those candid videos of people extolling the virtues of the ACA until they were told it was actually the system they called "Obamacare."

To all those saying national security decisions should not involve politics:

That may be true but there has not been a decision made in my lifetime (75) by those in power that did not involve politics first. Well, maybe JFK's decision to NOT start a war with the Kremlin over those Cuban missiles was not a political decision because the politics wanted to push him into war.

The war with Iraq had nothing to do with national security but a political decision to satisfy the Neocons and go after the oil. Our national security is deeply entwined into our politics because any national security action decided is based on how the politics is framed.

Obama knew exactly what he was doing and why concerning the Russian hacking. I do not believe he "chocked." I believe he weighed the outcomes and made a decision that he thought was best. And we really do not know nor do we have a way to be certain that it ws not the best decision...even if Hillary were elected.

Listening to the GOP pro-repeal and replace it becomes more obvious to me what is driving them.

Most of those complaining loudly and visibly on TV are complaining because they are wealthy enough so that the government need not subsidize them. These are mostly millionaires and the group of upper middle-classes who could actually AFFORD to pay their healthcare costs under the old system, even at the escalating costs BEFORE Obamacare. They are angry that they have to pay for care without help from the government. They are bitter that many people are so poor or disabled that the government give them huge subsidies to help them pay for their care. It's almost like "subsidy envy." Even though they can afford to pay out of their own pocket because they are wealthy, they don't want to if it means that some unemployed minority or elderly person get help from the government. If there were no subsidies for others, they would go ahead and pay the exorbitant medical costs as they have in the past, feeling superior because they can afford good care. Everyone else they regard as "undeserving."

It doesn't matter how they received their own wealth, with most of it being "UNEARNED" as in the case of their dear orange President. The difference between most wealthy Democrats and wealthy Republicans is that wealthy Democrats for the most part do not mind paying taxes, and do not mind that their fellow less fortunate citizens receive help from the government.
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