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Gender: Do not display
Hometown: PA
Home country: USA
Current location: MD
Member since: Tue Jan 31, 2017, 06:35 AM
Number of posts: 2,198

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Ardant GOP and Trump hater!

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Sessions knows so little about the laws he is supposed to enforce...or is that just me?

Why is this Senator questioning Sessions that there is an unknown source of the rumor that Trump may

be thinking about firing Mueller? The source of that rumor is well known and had been on TV several times...Ruddy.

How are they allowing Sessions to go on unchallenged.

He believed the Comey could handle himself well with the President, yet Comey needed to be fired? WTF?

Diane should not have let him equivocate on his response to why he wrote is recommendation for firing Comey. It is clear that Trump asked both Sessions and the Deputy AG to write memos to justify Trump's firing of Comey. Why can't they just simply ask that? Diane came close but she let it go by allowing him to divert to the Hillary case.

Do the Democrats have anything like a 'rapid response' team ready to take on all the BS about

how bad 'Obamacare' is, how there is no crime committed by the Trump administration before, during, and after the Russian links were exposed? It seems that after each Trump trip there ought to be a Dem team ready to refute all the lies and misinformation that the GOP and Trump push out there.

To Paul Ryan: You had a duty under President Obama to do the peoples' business but you didn't

All you wanted then was to obstruct any and all initiatives Pres. Obama put forth AND throw unnecessary money at investigating Hillary her e-mails, Benghazi and her family Foundation.

Now that we have a real criminal cabal running our government and colluding with our foreign enemy, all of a sudden you want to ignore the investigations get on with the "peoples' business."

If all that is happening now does not make Democrats of ALL stripes get out and vote in 2018 and 2020 we will suffer for a long, long time.

Why the hell did they turn away from Lehay at the Deputy AG Hearing?

The media continues to aid and abet Trump on every turn. Lehay was getting to some really important information about the State Department budget and other stuff.

Trump's Apprentice announcement sounds a lot like Hillary's proposal during the campaign. Are they

now just going to take the Dem proposals and make them their own for the "forgotten?"


Meanwhile he announced this but I bet not much will come of it. It sounded like it was designed to keep the base in line until they get through with destroying and repealing and rescinding all the stuff President Obama did.

Short-sighted, stupid, and impractical: Undoing Obama's Cuba policies.

But that never stopped the GOP before.

Why don't they move our military base out of Qatar and put in Saudi Arabia?

I'll tell you why...military on the land that is regarded as holy land for Muslims. How long before Qatar kicks us out?

First thing out of his mouth is a BIG LIE!

The delays are because there are no nominations being forwarded.
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