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Hometown: PA
Home country: USA
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Member since: Tue Jan 31, 2017, 06:35 AM
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Ardant GOP and Trump hater!

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So the pundits are saying that had it not been for Hillary's server, Comey would not have been a

factor in the election outcome.

Well, to that I say, if it had not been for a fake scandal made up about Benghazi the existence of her server would never have been known, especially since it was never hacked.

The Benghazi investigation was all about the fact that Hillary said a negative Islamic video was the basis for the attack instead of saying from the beginning that it was Islamic terrorist attack that Hillary somehow was not prepared for or properly handled. The focus became about Hillary allegedly lying about the reason for the attack.

We now know that Gen. Flynn himself originally said the video was the cause of the attack and he was the official who put out the official word at first. Thus, the entire Benghazi investigation was based on a lie, half truths, and false information. It was only during the intense bitching about this shit that the existence of the server was revealed.

My response to the pundits is if there had been no ridiculous Benghazi hearings...

Why do you need a "tax break" if you already have $240 billion stashed away doing nothing?

Apple is a wash in cash. Why do they need tax break to invest in a nations where they make most of their money? If corporations are "people"...do "people" ever think of giving back?

He's supposed to be honoring Air Force champs??

Looks to me like many of them are laughing at his ass.

Forced applause by the folks he brought with him. This is sad. He just can't honor anyone except himself.

OK, so where are we with the Russian hacking and collusion investigation?

The media has stopped talking about it.

Don't you think that if we stopped f *ing with N.K. they would stop f*ing with us?

Scalise just lied about ACA. And my question is this about VA coverage.

If your husband is covered by VA insurance, as a spouse and/or dependent child are you not covered by the VA insurance. Everyone I know who has VA insurance has a spouse covered too. What am I missing?
And did LA opt for Medicaid expansion? Yes: Louisiana: On Feb. 6, 2013, then-Gov. Bobby Jindal (R) reiterated his opposition to expanding Medicaid in Louisiana. But in June 2015, the Louisiana state Legislature passed a veto-proof bill to create a funding plan for Medicaid expansion, in part by allowing the Louisiana Hospital Association's members to pay for a portion of the state's costs. In November 2015, Louisiana voters elected state Rep. John Bel Edwards (D) to be the state's next governor. On his second day in office—Jan. 12, 2016—Edwards signed an executive order to expand Medicaid in the state. In February 2017, the Louisiana Department of Health announced that more than 400,000 individuals had enrolled in coverage under the state's Medicaid expansion.

So what is up with this person who allegedly wrote this letter to Scalise complaining about spending thousands of dollars with nothing to show for it?

What is really scary is that Trump has a cabinet and others equally as delusional and insane as he.

And no one is talking about that. Just examine their record and what they say and think. One example is believing that contraception not only doesn't work but is unhealthy and dangerous.

I used to think Trump was pretending to be insane just to lose the election.

I see now that he wasn't pretending.

But what does it say about a nation that rejects the most qualified candidate to elect someone who says and does the things Trump did? It really isn't that he tried to pretend to be qualified or worthy of the Presidency. He did everything he could to tell us he was unfit for the office.

And even now, what does it say about the people who insist that he is doing great things, is stable, is accomplishing wonderful things for the country, is deserving of respect and cooperation?

If we aren't seeking ways to remove an insane person from office we are not doing our job to protect this nation. If we aren't going out of our way to inform the uninformed we aren't protecting the nation. If we don't get out and vote in 2018 and 2020 and vote to cleanse our government, from the Presidency on through both houses of Congress, of the stench of a Trump administration and a GOP controlled Congress we are not protecting our nation.

These are not just scary times. These are sad times.

Looks like 45 is reading my post and will now try to screw the right and the left by meeting with

N.K. Ung. I posted here month ago that 45 could really establish a lasting legacy if would have the sense to sit down with Kim and work a deal that would be a win-win with N.K. and explained just why and how that might work. After all, anyone willing to sit down with Rodman, should have no problem meeting with a Rodman-like ego maniac with real power.

Anyway, we will see what happens, won't we.
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