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Hometown: PA
Home country: USA
Current location: MD
Member since: Tue Jan 31, 2017, 07:35 AM
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Ardant GOP and Trump hater!

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Guess who is happy with the AHCA just passed.

ACA taxes repealed, effective January 1, 2017, except where otherwise noted:
- Tax penalties associated with individual and large employer mandate, reduced
to zero effective on January 1, 2016
- Cadillac tax on high-cost employer-sponsored group health plans is
suspended for tax years 2020 through 2025, no revenues shall be collected
during this period
- Increase in Medicare payroll tax (HI) rate on wages for high-wage individuals,
effective January 1, 2023; also 3.8% tax on unearned income for high-income
- Tax on tanning beds
Summary of the American Health Care Act 9
- Tax on health insurers
- Tax on pharmaceutical manufacturers
- Excise tax on sale of medical devices
- Provision excluding costs for over-the-counter drugs from being reimbursed
through a tax preferred health savings account (HSA)
- Provision increasing the tax (from 10% to 20%) on HSA distributions that are
not used for qualified medical expenses.
- Chronic care tax
- Codification of economic substance doctrine and penalties
 Annual limit on contributions to Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) repealed
 Annual limit on deduction for salary in excess of $1 million paid to employees of
publicly held corporations repealed
 Income threshold for medical expense deduction reduced from 10% to 5.8%
 Federal Medicaid funding capped, effective FY 2020; enhanced match for Medicaid
expansion population eliminated beginning January 1, 2020; and Medicaid DSH cuts repealed, effective FY 2020
 Managerís amendment appropriates $1 billion for federal administration of the premium tax credit
changes, Patent and State Stability Fund, Medicaid changes, and other implementation responsibilities


So glad they repealed the tanning tax. How would Trump survive...a direct benefit to him.

The bill repeals the 2.3 percent tax on the sale price of certain medical devices in 2017 and the 10 percent tax on indoor tanning services (effective June 30, 2017).


If you are interested.

Know what was in their hearts when they voted YES. They just wanted to cover for Trump instead of

caring for their constituents. Never let the voters forget that. And it is all a part of attempting to destroy the Obama legacy...which will live forever in the hearts and minds of those who love and respect him.

The GOP has been twisting themselves into knots ever since 2008.

REMEMBER THEIR NAMES. Remember to vote. Remember to RESIST!!

Have the protests started yet? People should be in the street in every state.

Trump has to seek the approval of all the deplorable international leaders because

the decent international leaders do not like him and think he is a fool. The deplorable leader know he is a fool and they intend to use that against us.

I thought Chaffez was out with a foot issue. He came back to vote for the HCHA.

They don't give a fuck. Just as long as they can keep sticking pins in their Obama VooDoo doll.

It is clear. The GOP and Trump only care about undoing whatever Obama did for people.

They think that will destroy his legacy. it won't. But it will seal theirs.

I hope the protesters are lining up to greet these greedy, heartless bastards when they get home!

Absolutely stunning that the Congress is willing to take needed money that provides care to people who work for a living or who are unable to work for a living just to give Trump a win and to give money to people who absolutely DO NOT need the money.

It is so sickening. I just wish every Congressperson who votes for this repeal and replace sham is defeated next time up for re-election.
Two things the Democrats need to stress when discussing this sham with constituents and they need to say it loudly and clearly.

1. INSURANCE COMPANIES ARE NOT LOSING MONEY! They are lying is they tell you this. Their profits are up just as other large corporations.

2. The added money is not enough to provide ADEQUATE coverage for ALL those with pre-existing conditions. When you do the math, the actual benefit works out to less than $2/month for each of those people. The experts tell you the fund for pr-existing conditions needs to be at least 50 billion/year.


If you were hoping that the Senate hearings were going to be more fair, honest, and revealing about

the Russian hacking and ties to Trump administration...you can begin to be disappointed with the Grassley opening statement. It's still all about bashing Hillary and Bill and the e-mails and bullshit!
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