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Hometown: PA
Home country: USA
Current location: MD
Member since: Tue Jan 31, 2017, 06:35 AM
Number of posts: 2,198

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Ardant GOP and Trump hater!

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..."underlying behavior..." ?????

Was Flynn also involved in golden showers???

Trump was and still is determined to not take any advice from President Obama. That is why

Flynn was hired as his NSA. He was told, he was warned, his staff was warned and they still went ahead and hired Flynn. So, Trump actually endangered our national security more than any e-mails from Hillary.

I believe that in addition to defying Obama, Trump actually wanted Flynn in that position so that Flynn could act as a unquestioned channel between himself and Putin and the Russian oligarchs that Trump owes money to.


Legal minds out there: How much of a problem is Kislyak being in the US when tapped?

Does this throw some harmful diversion on the fact the Flynn was talking to him inside the US?

GO, SALLY, GO!! Handed them their asses.

Their cover story on Flynn is not going to wash. They were warned, Trump was told directly by Obama

they ignored him. They wanted Flynn and held on as long as they could. They knew he was working for Russia. Seems to me they wanted to be able to use Flynn as a go between to carry out their further thwarting of democracy. Had Hillary been elected there would have been demonstrations in the streets fostered by the alt-right. France is a glimpse of what they do when they don't win. We must be alert and we must be persistent and we must be together.

I believe that greed and corruption and nepotism are the cause of the worlds economic and social

problems of today. Greed has to be the worse contributor to our social ills. I can remember when job security was not an evil plot of the left but a reasonable plan for a stable and prosperous society. Sure there was corruption and nepotism but those in power seemed to understand that sharing prosperity and ensuring security and taking reasonable care of the poor kept us a reasonably functioning nation. What happened? Now it seems as though all the powers care about is having and taking more and more from others and making sure that no one else gets anything. We never have been a perfect nation but the hate, fear, and selfishness today is mind boggling.

So glad to see our President Obama vindicated in his support of France's new president.

Any May 5th celebrations going on anywhere? None in my area of Maryland.

I say an affordable health care bill WILL pass out of the Senate.

The Republicans in the Senate want to repeal the ACA as much as those idiots in the House just to claim that they killed off something Obama did. That is really what they wanted from the beginning. They will be on board with the House but with a much different bill. The House GOP will accept most of the changes, vote to pass it and claim the victory of having repealed and replace Obamacare. The bill that results will be mostly Obamacare with one or two tweaks. But it won't matter because they will tell their constituents that Obamacare was rescinded and that will make them happy.

Nevertheless, President Obama's legacy that they seek to destroy will remain as the President who actually began the movement of the nation toward single-payer universal healthcare and the President who gave 14 million citizens healthcare that they never had before.
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