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Hometown: PA
Home country: USA
Current location: MD
Member since: Tue Jan 31, 2017, 07:35 AM
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Ardant GOP and Trump hater!

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OK. I just finished reading Rosenstein's alleged letter of recommendation to fire Comey.

Except, I could find no expressly stated "recommendation" to fire or dismiss Comey.

For sure, it was a scathing indictment of Comey's behavior re the Clinton e-mails and some other comments about the damage done to the integrity or credibility of the FBI. But it seems more like Rosenstein responding to a leading question from Trump about the e-mails. Sorta like he was led into discussing the subject. No remember, Rosenstein is a good attorney and his letter was carefully written to record that he was responding to his bosses, the President and AG. But no where in the letter did he say, "I recommend that Mr. Comey be fired, dismissed, let go" or anything similar.


Trump is trying to be impeached, I believe. I wonder why he doesn't just resign?

But resigning would not keep him in the limelight like impeachment would.

Trump still acting like he is running the Apprentice at the WH.

IN YOUR FACE!! Trump meets with the Russians, keeps American press out, lets Russian press in.

45 meets with Russian agents in full public view and sends a big FU to America and the GOP Congress can't straighten up for bending over. This shit is insane!

There must be some way for some one to file suit against this President for some civil rights or Constitutional violation.

Where is Sean Spicer?? is he next or is he going to save face and resign?

It is clear that never again can anyone in the GOP can claim to be a patriot or America First or for

law and order.

They are all falling in line behind the treasonous Trump administration. Voters who truly love this country should take note and they should all show up at the polls in 2018 and vote against every GOPer. Those who refused to vote or refused to vote for HRC in 2016 for purely vindictive reasons owe the country their votes against the GOP. They can fight for whatever policies they want to after the election but the country needs their civil service in the form of votes against the GOP.

When Trump goes, Pence and Sessions must go too. They purged themselves. Under oath to the FBI

and the Congress they lied. Clinton was impeached for perjury. They have to go. They are untrustworthy and a blight on our government.

Heath Mello loses his bid for Mayor of Omaha.


Message sent.

Chris Christie must be feeling pretty good these days.

He dodged two bullets: Bridgegate and becoming a member of the Trump administration. Lucky bastard!

We must tie every House GOP to the unhinged and un-American Trump administration.

The House GOP, especially the Committee leadership, worked very hard to COVER UP or not investigate at all the Russian hacking and alleged collusion. Chaffetz and Sessions need to locked up along with Trump.
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