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Gender: Do not display
Hometown: PA
Home country: USA
Current location: MD
Member since: Tue Jan 31, 2017, 07:35 AM
Number of posts: 2,198

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Ardant GOP and Trump hater!

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Is the time coming when Merkel and Trudeau will pull their troops form Afghanistan?

If ever there was a time, seems that after yesterday's bombing killing 80 civilians would be a good time.

"Facts" that are unsubstantiated? WTF Alternative definition "facts."

I thought facts are facts. Allegations are unsubstantiated. But "facts?"

Spicy needs to step down after yesterday's performance.

I really do believe that the infamous "dossier" that the Trump folks are trying to discredit

contains some really sexually perversive incidents. The media is dancing around the nature of the contents. listen to closely to folks like Anderson Cooper and Wolf. You can almost read their minds.

Remember when the RW went bonkers when it was said that Bill for President and Hillary as FLOTUS

you get "two for one."

Now look what we have...six idiots for one and the RW is virtually silent about it and about ALL their corrupt and potentially criminal behavior.

Hillary was right. There are many who are deplorables out there.

Montana proves it.

At some point it is the media's responsibility to explain how NATO works and what it REALLY means

when Trump says the other countries are not "paying their fair share." There is no "paying their fair share," The other countries just prefer to feed their people before putting their money into the military. The 2% that is talked about and often leaves the impression that the countries owe money to NATO to the tune of 2% of their GDP. What it really means is that the countries need to spend more of their wealth on their own military up to 2% of their respective GDPs.

First we have the largest GDP in NATO. Second, they do not owe cash to NATO. Third, it is really our military-insudtrial-complex that LOVES to build and sell weapons. We would love to spend and spend more on the military and not feed our people. The media does a piss poor job of really letting people know how NATO works. The GOP know this and they capitalize on the ignorance of their base and ignorance of others to keep the false talking point alive.

Donald has no "stamina." The trip is brutal for him both mentally and physically.

Trump is seeing first hand people who have much more wealth than he has.

He will now want to be King of USA and his followers will crown him soon.
He must really be feeling low that there is so much wealth that he does not have or the adoring and adorned people that come with it.

He is being hosted by the financiers of 9/11.

Anyone remember the outrage when Hillary hugged Arafat's wife?

Ahhhh...the dog days of outrage days. GOP has shown far less outrage about the Russian hacking than they did about that hug.

Where are all the people to cry "LOCK HER UP!" Oh, they are about to be locked up.

He (Trump) can only speak for himself and Russia??? WTF

He is that close to Putin that he can speak for Russia. What is wrong with this man and more troubling, what is wrong with the GOP?
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