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Gender: Do not display
Hometown: PA
Home country: USA
Current location: MD
Member since: Tue Jan 31, 2017, 06:35 AM
Number of posts: 2,198

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Ardant GOP and Trump hater!

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First 45 bombs an air field, then we bomb a mountain. What's next.

We now have a military that fully controls our foreign policy because the idiot elected POTUS is

unfit and unqualified to be President.

Our economic and affairs are run by Wall Street and our social/civic affairs are run by the alt-right-evangelical cabal.

We are now a democratically failed nation. Wait for it.

There is a really frightening similarity of all psychopathic-sociopathic dictators have in common.

They crave large crowd approval.

They deny reality.

They lie and keep repeating the same lie until it becomes a reality for their followers.

They will not back down from their lies even in the face of evidence.

They are basically bullies and cowards.

They seemingly have low IQs but attract a lot of people like themselves who reinforce their fake reality.

They usually have one or two highly intelligent people in their cabal who are really in control under the radar and who can manipulate their reality.

They take blame for anything that goes wrong and take all credit for anything that goes right.

And what is worst of all: They are never held accountable by their supporters for anything.

Name a few.

The astonishing ability of the media and voters to virtually ignore and not criticize 45 FLIP FLOPS

When a single "flip flop" on a complex issue could ruin your chances of becoming President...remember being for something before one was against it?

It is mind-blowing how 45 is not being held to the same standards as Dems and other GOP pols. 45's entire 2016 campaign was a FLIP FLOP of gigantic proportions when compared to his positions prior to running for President, yet the voters did not hold him accountable for his fake positions, his lies, and his immorality. So is it any wonder we now have the the Flip-flopper-in-chief as POTUS? Most of the media has lost all credibility when it comes to real journalism concerning this President.

It will take decades to undo the damage being done to America right now.

OK. Sure newly elected Presidents often change their minds about positions they held.

BUT CHANGING FROM UNREALITY TO REALITY is not something I can give credit for.

How willing are we all to accept the latest report about intercepted communication between Assad

forces planning to gas his own people?

i am willing to accept that they indeed were talking to each other about bombing the place. But I still believe they bombed something deadly controlled by the rebels. I do believe they or Russia bombed the hospital because who else was up in the air at that time. Do rebels have planes? I think not. So it only makes sense that Assad or Russia did that. What doesn't make sense to me is that Assad would risk the condemnation of the world and their partner in crime, Russia, buy dropping sarin gas on their target. The intercepted messages must be shared with international INTEL and with people who are fluent in the language. I always go with what actually MAKES SENSE. But then, folks do lots of things that don't make sense to me.


"Baited with a Tweet." Hillary warned us of 45-unsuitability to be POTUS.

Now the person who could be baited with a tweet is now the leader of the world's super power who will believe and adopt the position of the last person he talked to.

People, we are in a new era of danger from within. Good thing he doesn't talk with the N.K. dictator.

Nice to see that one pundit thinks along with me that we are being scammed by 45 & Putin.

This shit smells to high heaven now that the FBI and other Intel are getting closer to the Russian connection with the 45 camp.

i don't think Merkel is falling for it.

So how should all those NATO allies who lost men in Afghanistan, Iraq feel about those 45 comments?

To me they should be outraged. NATO has been fighting with us while 45 was scamming employees and golfing. He is an obnoxious pig. If he starts shit with N.K. NATO should refuse to help him. If we attack a nation does the NATO treaty oblige them in helping us? I know if one of the NATO countries is attacked we are all obliged to help the attacked partner. But what if a NATO member is the attacker?

45 is so wanting to do something spectacular before his 100 days are over I fear we are headed for a real conflict with N.K. and it appears that 45 has scammed China into supporting him.

You have to admit. They are GOOD. I believe we are being played by 45 re Russia.

If China is now comfortable with 45 and breaking their relationship with NK, I hope we bring our troops home for there. Hell will be on the way. S. Korea will become a cinder box.
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