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Hometown: PA
Home country: USA
Current location: MD
Member since: Tue Jan 31, 2017, 06:35 AM
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Ardant GOP and Trump hater!

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I simply do not trust Gen Flynn to not lie. He hates the Obama administration so much

I believe he will do and say anything under oath and under any deal to smear Obama, Hillary, and the rest of the administration. He is a snake and should not be given immunity.

Really, people. Large corporations do not need tax breaks to spur investment.

The simple truth is that large corporations are flush with cash sitting in off shore accounts that they would not release under President Obama and they are making historic profits at the same time. The real problem is that they do not see where it would be profitable to invest because consumers DO NOT HAVE THE EXPENDABLE cash to buy stuff unless it is as cheap as the stuff China sells to us. We could invest in infrastructure but that does not return profits although it would create jobs. Creating jobs alone is not the answer to the situation because large corporations are not willing to pay the salaries and benefits and offer the job security that is needed to get the masses out in force growing our economy. Trade alone is not going to increase the GDP to where Trump claims he will (3% plus.)

In the meantime, the 2% are perfectly satisfied with exchanging money among themselves, buying up real estate and building mega playgrounds for themselves that no one else can afford. They really do not care what is going on beyond their gated communities except that they do not want a penny of their taxes going to help anyone in the 98%.

Small business, indeed, need tax relief and should get it but the tax breaks that Trump is talking about should only apply to medium and small businesses. And no tax breaks should be given to those corporations and their CEOs whose effective tax rate for the past 8 years was lower than 20%.

We are headed for a "let them eat cake (or Trump steaks)" era and an angry populace that will turn even more on each other. Sadly, I see war as the only way out of what is facing us and that ain't good.

Why it's dangerous for Trump to speak with foreign leaders alone.

Trump is the kind of person who listens to the LAST person he speaks to. It is usually Ivanka but not always. If Bannon talks to him tonight he will change his mind again about NAFTA.

This is the case with people who actually realize deep down inside that they know very little about anything and a well articulated position that is told to such a person will easily change their mind from a position that articulated to them previously. He knows he is in over his empty head and he will flip flop on any position he doesn't firmly understand. That is why he now trusts and likes China.

This accounts for so many flip-flops.

So now Trump will not terminate NAFTA. Damn!

I was hoping that he would so that people would finally get to understand the benefits of trade and his base would be most hurt by it. They really need to know what it would be like for Trump to live up to his promises.

Voo Doo economics all over again.

And people will fall for it because they want to.

Eliminates the Estate Tax.

Trump supporters in red states actually believe that applies to them.

His plan is a death spiral to the US as we knew it.

Watched "Genius" Now I am more frightened than ever for our country with Trump at the helm.

Most of his supporters are as brain-dead, racist, and evil as the Nazis were at the core of their very beginning. If you watched any of the interviews with his supporters in red states you know that they have not recovered at all from having a black man in the White House and they are willing to accept their own demise just to a white man and cabinet who feel and behave as they do. Their base of women simply do not care how they are treated or mistreated as long as they can believe that the new policies by this administration will cause suffering among those whom they regard as "those others."

I don't deny that there are many problems in our nation right now and that there is crime from SOME illegal (undocumented) immigrants but that is nothing new for this country. If you know history you know almost every immigrant group coming here documented or undocumented was riddled with crime and committed crimes against others. We didn't seem to mind it as much then and even made heroes of some of them. We didn't mind as much about banks being robbed as we do about individual cigarettes being sold on a street corner by someone not bothering anybody else. We don't even seem to care now that Russian gangs are robbing suburban gated communities and hauling off great bounty all over the country. As long as we can be sure that police with clobber black males and females for minor traffic violations and even murder them without consequence we can remain satisfied with our own sorry state as the rich get richer and we get poorer. Such is the era we now struggle in.

These same pitiful brain-dead are cheering and hoping that Trump can pull of something BIG before his 100 day are up just so they can feel vindicated for having voted for him when they knew better. And Trump is frantically signing all kinds of Executive Orders and begging for all kinds of legislation from his GOP Congress just so he can show some kind of a win before his own imposed deadline. War with either or both N.K. and Iran will do. If not that then a trade war between us and Canada and/or Mexico will also suffice. Oh,and don't forget giving those huge tax breaks to a corporate America that has enjoyed some of their most prosperous and profitable times in decades as they further erode the gains made by their workers and the protections gained by consumers. Deficit and debt be damned! They only matter when a Democrat is in the White House and Congress is controlled by Democrats.

It's time to be worried, people--BIGLY!

US fires warning flare at Iranian ship in Persian Gulf. WTF?

My god why are people allowing our government to do this again? Why aren't we in the street like it was Viet Nam. I am looking for a protest march to join.

Is it me or does Rush sound like he is back on the Oxy?

His voice is higher and it sounds a lot like it did when he finally admitted to be addicted to oxycotin.

So what exactly is N.K. doing to the US? That is besides making Trump look like a fool.

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