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Member since: Tue Jan 31, 2017, 07:35 AM
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Ardant GOP and Trump hater!

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Do you think any Congressmen watch Rachel?

Media largely not covering Women's DWW demonstrations. Maybe tonight?

Cynical me. But it is clear to me that the Repeal and Replace move by the GOP will pass.

And it will pass in its present form despite all the criticism.

45 is calling the major holdouts to the WH for individual meetings, dinners, etc. All this is designed to make 45 look like a master negotiator and deal maker. It struck me after hearing Ari Fleicher on MSNBC. He was suave as usual but said he felt that the new law would pass. I believe he is right. The holdouts will be promised to get some of their changes during reconciliation but the public knows little about the process and when they hear anything it will be said that the GOP passed the Repeal/Replace law they and 45 wanted thanks to 45's strong skill in making a deal.

The media will fawn all over him again and then it will be on to tax cuts for the wealthy.

We are screwed.

Sean is full of it. He can spew the GOP talking points about the ACA..most of which are lies.

How many times was the original law amended before enactment?
How many people are actually enrolled to date?
How much were insurance rates increasing BEFORE the ACA vs AFTER?
How many GOP took the opportunity to offer changes when President Obama asked them to?

There needs to be some Democratic response to this bullshit. The ACA had a lot of issues that needed to be tweaked and Obama even said so. But Sean is acting as though the ACA did no good for anyone.

So, you get to make blatant statement that NYC send a cab for people on Medicaid and no challenge.

No explanation, just the impression that NY is mismanaging Obamacare and poor sick people are cheating the system. How utterly ugly these GOP are.

Elderly or handicapped people cannot get to their appointments without transportation. It's a system for such people to use vouchers or other methods to pay for transportation that is a part of medical insurance.

It's obvious that the GOP just does not want to help poor or elderly sick people. Period!

Every Democrat with a heart to care and a head to understand needs to read this and the book.


We must keep the pressure on and only we will do it because the media is too busy reporting on dumbs stuff that 45 does.

None of the difficulties the United States has faced over the past 25 years has been in any way because its military was too small or weak. ...

“ The Pentagon is now the world’s largest bureaucracy, running a cradle-to-grave quasi-socialist system of employment, housing, health care and pensions for its 3 million employees. A recent report from its Defense Business Board concluded that it could easily save $125 billion over five years by removing operational inefficiencies. (Senior officials quickly buried the report.) Those savings would fund the entire State Department plus all foreign aid programs for two and a half years. Gates used to quip, “We have more people in military bands than we have Foreign Service officers.” The total numbers are worth noting. There are only 13,000 employees in the whole Foreign Service, compared with 742,000 civilians in the Defense Department"

Suppose 45 mixed up "bugging" his office with "wiretapping" ?

Anyone entering 45-Tower BEFORE the election would be able to place 'bugs" in his office and living quarters. And suppose that after the election, Secret Service did a security sweep of the Tower and found a few "bugs" here and there. Now suppose they told Bannon and some others before they told 45 and he just got the info from Bannon through Breightbart?

Could this possible explain why 45 believes 44 "wiretapped" him because he doesn't understand the difference in "wiretaps" and "bugs.?"

AND if his tower were "bugged" suppose it was one of his many foreign visitors who place the bugs...say like a Russian ambassador...

The best border wall is not to spend billions on building a wall shredding our social safety net but

rather to have all those businesses 45 is courting is to invest money, technology, law enforcement in our neighboring countries south of the border. People are coming here for what they believe is a better life and more opportunity to raise their families in safety. Those billions proposed to be spent by 45 to build a wall may create thousands of jobs but threatens to make life miserable for millions of our own citizens as much needed entitlement programs will be devastated.

As much as NAFTA is decried it did keep thousands of Mexicans at home working jobs so they could support their families. Mexicans are not crossing illegally in any significant numbers but Salvadorans and others are trying to get here to escape crime and poverty. If we just had the foresight to stop telling businesses to stay in America and to stop telling citizens is bad to invest foreign aid in the well being of other struggling countries. A lot of foreign aid does not reach the people it should help because of corrupt government officials, poor delivery methods, and the profitability of drugs (for which Americans are the greatest consumers).

These people coming here would stay in their native land if we stopped supporting their criminals and instead helped them build their own economies and communities. What they want most:

Safe and secure living quarters.
Jobs that pay living wages for their geographic regions.
Opportunities to work and earn a living to take care of their families.
Education to help them live better in their own societies.
Freedom to practice their own religion, traditions, and cultural life style.

We have used our power to plunder most of the third-world nations and emerging economies when we should be using our power and military to protect us from creating more and more people who have not hope for anything but struggle to survive.

Instead of building a wall we should be building a factory in central and south America. We should be helping those countries to fight corruption and crime instead of feeding it with our own greed and corruption...45 and his ilk are great examples of an international poverty enabler.

Was Hillary's private server more of a threat to national security than 45's daughter and son-in-law

sitting in on sensitive government meetings? Do they both have security clearances? Wasn't son-in-law at the dinner meeting where the Yemen attack was discussed? Is his phone secure? Does he discuss sensitive meetings with Ivanka? Where do they discuss such things? Is Trump Tower bugged?

just asking.

If Ukraine was discussed at the meeting between Sessions and Russia ambassador, isn't that

enough of a link to the election and how 45 might work to lift sanctions on Russia?
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