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Gender: Do not display
Hometown: PA
Home country: USA
Current location: MD
Member since: Tue Jan 31, 2017, 07:35 AM
Number of posts: 2,198

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Ardant GOP and Trump hater!

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All eyes will be on Rachel tonight. What will she really cover tonight that will inform us re 45?

Time to replay the P-grabbing tape again now that they played the Ryan comments.

Remind people of what and why Ryan was refusing to support Trump and remind those who voted for 45 what a sorry character they voted for and that he is getting ready to screw them royally.

Keep the focus on Trumpcare! Ignore the tax bullshit that just came out and keep focused on the tax cuts for millionaires and the healthcare issue.

Keep 45 ties to Russia and his relentless lies out in front. Don't stop now until he is in jail!

So why is everyone ignoring the out of control prices physicians, hospitals, and pharmacists charge?

Why are people and Congress afraid to hold the medical profession more accountable for the ever-profit-seeking medical profession. The links between the medical profession and pharmaceutical companies, the investment and ties to the medical device companies, the links to Wall Street, and the conflict of interest investments by thousands in the medical profession are prime for investigation and exposure. No one is dealing with the real problems of our medical system but focusing on how bad the government is for wanting to give medical care to poor people.

Looks like the GOP is in its last throes. Either they are the party of the GOP or the Bannon Party.

Everyone is bending over to keep 45 from being connected to the Ryan plan. They will meet, 45 will give his threats, and they will come out of the meeting with an agreement that gives 45 credit from being a great negotiator. No matter what...the rich get richer and poor get sicker.

Has President Obama said anything at all about the allegations of wiretapping 45?

They seem to be very certain that they have evidence. If they evidence I hope the evidence shows that there was collaboration between the 45 election camp and Wikileaks and Russia.

Surely there must be some patriotic, civic minded DOJ attorneys and/or Civil Servants who will

come forward to protect the rest of the country for these heathen RW GOP creations.

"Do you see what's happening? Big difference." Who speaks like that except 45.

Telling FEMA to be ready for the storm. Yeah, they are expected to do more with less since FEMA will be cut to build that wall!

What an embarrassment to listen to this low-information, poorly educated, man try to be Presidential.
My 3-year old has a better vocabulary.

Dear Steve King: Your so-called "civilization" was built with someone else's babies.

Get a grip. Many of us already know this sentiment is largely the impetus behind the RW evangelical movement against Roe vs Wade and against CHOICE!

So why don't Democrats bring this shit up at Town Hall meetings?



All those rust-belt-NAFTA-Chinese-haters...please take note.

So, Wikileaks is giving 45 a way to cover his lie...using Kellyanne as the messenger.


In fact, I believe the past administrative would have remiss in their duty to protect America if they hadn't surveilled 45 and his minions.
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