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Gender: Do not display
Hometown: PA
Home country: USA
Current location: MD
Member since: Tue Jan 31, 2017, 07:35 AM
Number of posts: 2,198

About Me

Ardant GOP and Trump hater!

Journal Archives

Some voters are insane.. WTF is Mark Sanford even doing in Congress?

Honest, moral, devoted, dedicated, patriotic Mark.

We will soon know for sure if the we still have three branches of government.

The GOP will have to shit or get off the pot. Kiss the ring or kick butt.

WTF will Nunes be talking about now? Presser called. Should we worry?

Woodward wasn't so worried about protecting privacy when Hillary was being hacked.

He really still hates Obama and anything close to Obama. He still doesn't realize that he is a s transparent as a glass window. His appearance on MSNBC this morning was painful to watch.

It would be a great idea if the Democrats would use this ACHA as a mirror into the heart and soul

of the GOP. The political ads make themselves. The Democrats just have to be smart enough to use what they have been given on a silver platter.

The Cowards will vote to pass Trumpcare today because they want their tax windfall.

They don't give a damn about healthcare or health insurance for their constituents.

Our move must be to challenge their tax reform policies that only help the greedy wealthy. Democrats must link Trumpcare to their tax moves.

Why haven't the Dems come out with ads that challenge the GOP's assertion that

premiums have doubled or tripled under "Obamacare?" They give the impression that ALL premiums have risen by that much. A crafty ad is needed to explain the number and kinds of premiums that have escalated and for whom and why. A simple 15 sec ad could do it.

If you are a supporter and spokesperson for the AHCA and at this point you can't answer

a simple question about the bill, you haven't read it.

All those truckers sitting around the table with 45 bragging about the size and success of their

companies. Do they realize that their success expanded under President Obama and because of many of his policies, including "Obamacare?" Somebody should tell them.

Keep saying these words: "Federal criminal investigation"

Keep reminding voters that the entire 45 administration is under Federal criminal investigation. Take the ALL down and LOCK THEM UP!!
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