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Hometown: PA
Home country: USA
Current location: MD
Member since: Tue Jan 31, 2017, 07:35 AM
Number of posts: 2,198

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Ardant GOP and Trump hater!

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OK, have a theory...or conspiracy theory.

I believe there are at least two, maybe three GOP Congressman who are linked to this Russia-gate. That is why they are fighting to not use a Special Investigator whom they will not be able to control.

I would start by investigating Chaffetz and a few others who were foaming at the mouth about Hillary and who insisted that they would continue investigating here even if she were elected POTUS.

Financial ties to others with other who have direct ties to Russian players, stocks with companies connected to Tillerson and oil drilling in the arctic, direct and indirect ties to Russian businesses (that includes links to the Ukraine etc.). An Independent Counsel to look into these several Congressmen set up by Democrats would be the thing IF they could find any in the Intel community who could be trusted.

I just feel it in my bones that there are at least three or four key Congressional players who have indirect or direct ties to Russian-gate players.

Where is Larry? Is he gone form MSNBC? I miss him.

So who is keeping their eyes on 45's cabinet while 45 blows up Twitter and the cable news?

Meanwhile, the Congress and Cabinet are doing things behind our back without much press coverage. I say the media should turn their sights on them and forget about 45. Leave those press seats empty at his pressers.

Does the right had even know what the right hand is doing?


Pompeo meets with Abbas.

Media fall for yet another diversion from Russia-gate. Now talking about word from Pentagon

about possible ground troops in Syria. I call BS. The heat is just too much about Russian connection. They are hoping that the hint of war will rally people around 45. Hope MSNBC and CNN don't fall for it and keep covering Russiagate.

OK. Just as the Intel community (at least some of them) is fighting back, so should the Media.

Just simply ignore the 45 pressures. If you attend, do not even attempt to ask a question but report on what you hear and see. Pay very close attention to what the Congress and 45 are doing not so much what they are saying. Report like investigative journalists do...the facts. The chips will fall where they may. No let up in verification and challenging the RW BS...just tell us like it is. But ignore 45 pressers by either staying away altogether or not asking any questions.

There should be an investigation into every Congressman who does not want to investigate

45-Russiagate. They have to be hiding something and they must be guilty of something themselves.


We need some serious disaster relief. Is there anyone out there to help us?

What an ignoramus we have for President.

After that presser with Bibi, Congress new to hold an emergency session, declare a state of emergenc

for the nation, pass a law to remove the President on mental stability and stupid grounds and declare the past election null and void. Hold new election for President.

Two insane and unfit people are giving a presser right now

One for Israel and one for the US

Mind boggling. 45 has the ability to make his guests seem stupid.
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