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Hometown: PA
Home country: USA
Current location: MD
Member since: Tue Jan 31, 2017, 07:35 AM
Number of posts: 2,198

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Ardant GOP and Trump hater!

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For all of you who want to say that Pres. Obama did the same as 45 is doing now in Melbourne.

I defy you to play each rally event that Obama held promoting the stimulus package or the ACA along with the insanity you just witnessed in FL. Not even in the same stratosphere.

Obama didn't out and out lie about keeping your Dr or plan. The states refused to expand Medicare and the AMA did everything in their power to keep physicians from playing a proper role. Dissuading young and healthy people from enrolling and obstructing him on every turn is what foiled the plan that had all things worked out would have allowed people not on Medicaid to keep their own plans and physicians.

Shovel ready construction jobs were just simply not invested in as the big money investments were held back on purpose, just so Obama would fail at this. Go back, read the record listen to the tapes.

Lying is when you absolutely know something to be false and saying it anyway. Speculating and proposing and planning for a certain outcome is not lying because the plans fall through. I grant you, Obama should not have promised something he could not produce himself or could not control himself. But that is a far cry from the lying that 45 does every day all day long.

So, there is only a "massive room full of people" That must mean 20 K max.

How many outside protesting?

Wow! Nance on Joy in the Morning!

Benedict Arnold territory!

Is a law that has never been enforced not still a law?

Maybe we should all begin answering 45 Tweets with truth bombs since that may be the only way

his followers will learn any facts and truth? His followers seem to read his tweets and their comments.

Moving Melania's lawsuit to NY may not have been the smartest thing this billionaire attorney did.

Especially if it is a trial by jury. Just my thinking but more people in NY hate 45. See Rachel tonight and her coverage of the Gawker suit. There is always another attorney out there to outsmart the smartest. AND juries don't have to listen to anyone...they are really unpredictable.

Saying"I have no businesses in Russia," or "I don't have any loans with Russian banks" does not mean

i don't have loans with Russian "bankers" or businessmen, and doesn't mean that I don't have any businesses connected to Russian oligarchs.

45 seemed to be going out of his way to put something on the record that we weren't paying that much attention to. Maybe it's just me. i have to go back and listen again. it just stuck in the back of mind while I listened to him.

The Intel community is going to be investigated? This puzzles me.

How does a President go about investigating the Intelligence Community, using an outsider? How does a President purge the Intelligence Community? Do you rely on moles loyal to you and not the country? Who do you trust?

Seems to me that the Intel folks have all the chess pieces in their hands. They have the records, the people in place, the evidence...etc.

If they ALL stick together how can they be purged?

This seems to be a threat that 45 need not make since he is already at odds with them. This man is really insane and the Intel community both foreign and domestic can make his life miserable.

OK, is this true or not. I am so wary about fake news. But if true, this shows a level of disregar

for procedures and processes designed to safeguard top security clearance.

Ooops here is the link.


45 may not owe any "Russian banks" any money, but he owes Russian bankers and gangsters

money. His debts are epic with both Russian and China and even Turkey financiers. Notice how he parse's his language when talking about owing money.
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