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Member since: Tue Jan 31, 2017, 07:35 AM
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Ardant GOP and Trump hater!

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Will there be a thread dedicated to the DNC elections?

Will the elections be streamed?

In the wake of all the talk against trade and about trade deficits I have a few questions.

I am not any kind of authority on trade so maybe someone out there can help me understand.

45 keeps talking about bad trade deals and citing huge trade deficits with other nations.
Can someone explain deficits a little more in detail? My general understanding is that a trade deficit is formed when a country imports more goods than it exports.

If that is a solid definition, than is it also correct to say that countries that manufacture more goods at cheaper prices will sell more goods to countries whose demand for those goods is very high?

So is it also correct to say that a country-A that doesn't need or want many high priced goods from a country-B that wants and demands huge amounts of cheaper goods from country-A there will be a deficit formed between country-A and country-B?

So, if country-B outsources manufacturing jobs to country-A in order to make products with much cheaper labor, producing goods that sell for low prices and then brings those cheap goods back into its own country to sell to high demanding consumers, who and what is really to blame for the trade deficit that country-B incurs?

45 makes his branded goods outside the US and brings them back into the US to sell. Isn't he and other manufacturers creating or contributing to the trade deficit?

So, is it true that huge consumer nations will always have trade deficits with less consuming nations?

If real journalists want the people to support them, they should show us that they are sticking

together in the face of this fascist dusting. If they respect their profession and each other they should stand united and refuse to take part in any presser that excludes any legitimate journalist from a legitimate media outlet. IMHO

After watching the Bannon-Priebus part of CPAC i really, really believe our country

is in grave danger of becoming worse than "1984"

The RESiSTENCE must proceed with all haste! Someone needs to explain to the town hall attendees what "deconstruct" means as it relates to government and our institutions. If they were busy at a town hall and missed these comments they need to be told and others must be ready to bring up questions about this at the town halls they attend. Our nation is in the hands of about 25-30 percent of voting citizens. We outnumber them. We must be united in our efforts and persistent in our resistance.

It appears to me that 45's jobs program will be an arms race.

I am suspicious of what seems to be going on between 45 and his SOS.

They set so many traps for the media, every action, reaction and incident has to questioned. Right now the media is focusing on an alleged snub of the SOS by 45. Not being present at important meetings etc. and SOS came out today with statements about Mexico that seem to be opposite of what 45 has said.

It could be they want us to believe that they aren't that close because of the Russian connection. I just don't trust them. While we look at what is in front of us, what are these two doing and saying behind the screen? If this snub is real, then I would expect Tillerson to bow out after a few more of this incidents.

We cannot allow 45 to promote the "I inherited a mess" meme go unchallenged.

He did not inherit a mess but inherited an economy that produced 70+ months of job creation and unemployment at 4.7% and incomes going up, albeit slowly. Whatever he does now is building upon that economic base that he inherited and Democratic spokesmen and women need to remind voters of that and remind the media of that every time they get a chance.

He is now sitting around the table talking to the job-exporters and wage-repressers pretending that they are the good guys and promising them more tax breaks and more regulation roll-back. How could that be so necessary when all of them head companies that have made record profits and revenue? No one is telling that to the town hall meetings so that people can understand the scam that 45 is perpetrating.

Whatever he does for the CEOs and Wall Street will benefit them more than main street. Voters need to know that if jobs are actually bought back here, robots will fill most of the assembly line jobs. They need to know that the world is turning away from coal and oil energy. They need to know that water abundance and clean water availability is the next big issue and that this administration is doing all the things that will harm our clean water supply.

And more...I am just too sick and tired with these non-thinking, non-tolerant fools out there. Yep!

Is this Russian-Trump-Trump surrogates thing really going anywhere?

Or is it just a drip, drip, drip for media to get our attention away from what Trump and Congress are really doing? By now, if this were anywhere near the scandal first alleged, it would be all out in the open now. The Dossier would be printed for public consumption and hearing would be televised.

The desecration of Jewish graves is abhorrent. So is the desecration of Native American burial sites

What can be done to stop the desecration of Native American burial sites by oil and natural gas hungry corporations?

This administration is on schedule to beat the Reagan scandals if investigated properly.


I bet most you don't even realize how corrupt the Reagan administrations were. And this is who the GOP idolizes, so don't be surprised that 45 will get away with everything until the bitter end. But it will be too late to save the people who will be hurt.
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