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Hometown: PA
Home country: USA
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Member since: Tue Jan 31, 2017, 07:35 AM
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Ardant GOP and Trump hater!

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Lindsay, Obama did not leave Iraq too soon. The timetable for leaving was set by Bush.

And the Iraqi government would not guarantee a SOF and asked us to leave. Stop rewriting history.

Just when Rachel was on a very explosive roll, the MSNBC put this crap with Matthews on.


I am beginning to believe that the media really does not want to expose 45 for who he really is.
They have to go a long way to even get close to something we don't already know on this segment.

YES! I do NOT want 45 to succeed!

If 45 succeeds, the nation fails.

It fails to live up to our stated values to be open and respectful of all peoples, their rights, their religions.

It fails to embrace a government that SERVES its people, that PROTECTS its people but rather serves and protects the greedy, self-serving, oligarchs from around the world. The oligarchs who have struck deals with people like 45 to buy up US property, businesses, and local governments to serve their own selfish and often corrupt needs and wants.

It fails to care for and build up our most vulnerable citizens by slashing the social safety net that has protected them for the several decades.

It fails in warding off disastrous consequences to our necessary environment its life-sustaining resources.

It utterly fails at being a democracy or even a republic.

And most importantly, it will succeed in becoming the evil we claim to abhor.

The military brass didn't seem to be all that enthused about the speech tonight.

And is it me, or did they look rather disgusted with 45's tribute to the Navy Seal after a while? I saw a brief camera shot of them on about the third applause line.

I thought the rebuttal speech was great. If you want someone to speak to those folks you say

were "forgotten" by the Democrats, this was the right speech, the right tone, by the right person. I think we need to stop bitching about not having a top Dem official give the rebuttal.

First, this was not a STOU.

Second, the plain spoken rebuttal reached the red belt where they live and understand and feel.

This was a welcome change for our new leadership vision. Believe me, the rebuttal to the STOU will be given by a heavy hitter.

This rebuttal wasn't for us. It was for the people we want to join us.

I thought it had been reported that the intel from the Yemen raid was old intel that we already had.

I am trying to find the news reports that came out right after the raid. Help me if you can.

Barbara Lee, Tweet on House hiding 45's tax returns and conflicts of interest?

Is this new?


Another question I have is why is no one talking about Rep. Dana Rohrabacher?

He was and is an ardent fan of Putin and Russia and never hides the fact.

"Republican Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, one of the most pro-Russia members of Congress, is set to visit the country in an effort to explore “how we can work with the Duma,” The Washington Post reported Wednesday. The announcement comes just as the U.S. officially levied sanctions against the government of Vladimir Putin for its role in hacking U.S. political institutions in an alleged attempt to tilt the presidential election toward Donald Trump."

I am a little uneasy about how eager Issa seems to be to get and Independent prosecutor.

It's almost as though they know what the outcome will be and seem a little smug about it. Could be just me. But I don't trust the GOP on anything.

Congratulations to or new DNC Chair and Vice Chair!

Two classy men who demonstrated what grace and class and grit are while sharing our common values. I love them both. May they have a very successful term together. And may we all come together in unity in resistance! Proud to be a Democrat today.

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