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Gender: Do not display
Hometown: PA
Home country: USA
Current location: MD
Member since: Tue Jan 31, 2017, 07:35 AM
Number of posts: 2,198

About Me

Ardant GOP and Trump hater!

Journal Archives

We need some serious pressure on the Sessions vote. After today's legal ruling and the ban debacle

confirming Sessions presents a clear and present danger to this nation. We need to stand firm against Sessions and the SCOTUS appointments.

Can MSNBC please get rid of Greta?

Trading Tamaron, Melissa for Greta and Meygan is really very telling. The Foxification of all of our news. Can CNN be the only hold out? And why did they cut Carol?

I'm down to Rachel, Larry, and Joy. If the pattern keeps up, Joy may be gone soon too.

Is Trump running interference for Putin and what is happening in the Ukraine by

his bellicose statements and sanctions on Iran?

What is happening over there is heartbreaking.

Anybody else seeing a lot of ads for Russian Passport renewals?

They pop up on every site I visit.

Why are our some of our best female anchors being dismissed? Carol(DNN), Tamaron (MSNBC) Soledad,

and Melissa? What is going on? I guess Joy and Rachel.will be next?

So what UN Resolution exactly did Iran violate?

They can't have defensive weapons? Are they not a sovereign nation that has a right to protect themselves?
Are we just looking for a war?

What happened with Tamron Hall?

Is FOX taking over NBC?

Anybody tired of winning yet?

Remember, Trump said we were going to win so much we would be tired of winning?

Now I understand special ops to go after a "big fish" and collaterally picking up planning documents, hard drives and other info. But a special ops plan of no other reason than to possibly grab computers, and documents of the enemy seems strange to me. especially given the risks involved. Two hard drives for a billion dollar helicopter seems unbalanced to me.

And why were the enemy so prepared for this raid? Might it be those unsecured tweets or communications among the new administration?

When prisoners revolt and take hostages because of Trump being President...

what does it mean?

I must have mis-heard the report on MSNBC or mis-read their banner. I thought it said that the prisoners in at the DE prison mentioned Donald Trump in their grievance petition.

These people can't even vote and they are up in arms using Trump a one of their reasons.

I might have missed this. Did anyone else see the text of the grievances?

Has the UN verified that Iran actually violated any resolution?

We put them on notice for what. Being a sovereign nation?
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