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Gender: Male
Current location: I live in a trump supporting community 2 bars 1 vfw so beer therapy is available
Member since: Sun Jan 29, 2017, 08:28 PM
Number of posts: 5,304

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The boog

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I slopped my troops telling them about a fine nco I met years ago

Five young men this morning between the ages of sixteen and nine our boys and their friends . I made sos or cream chip beef and eggs to order from over easy to omelettes. And as we all were cleaning up after breakfast.

I mention to the one young man make sure that water is hot. As he was running water so we could wash the dishes I did not feel like running dishwasher. And I remembered this NCO a cook summer of 84 benning osut infantry in basic we pulled KP. That stopped after we tipped into infantry school and I caught KP twice Iím not sure maybe three times in basic.

The one cook was a E-6 a fine nco cool as ever with us privateís E nothingís in rank. He was a black dude with a CIB combat infantry badge and a big red one subdued combat patch on his right shoulder. First time I saw him at like 03:00 on a hot humid Georgia morning Iím thinking oh shit itís gonna be long day with this lifer. As kp was usually 16 hour day breakfast lunch dinner.

I was wrong in my judgement as this nco turned out totally cool. Example I was sitting peeling potatoes and drifting off to sleep trying to catch myself. And the staff sgt looked and smiled at me. He said hey I understand and then his history came out. He was a rifle soldier in Vietnam first infantry and after awhile. He extended to get out of infantry to stay alive and became a cook.

And he treated us really decent as the civilians workers in kitchen as well in comparing at 18 years old fresh to the army to our Drill sgts who were just doing their jobs. Fast forward several months later I just graduated airborne school jump school and I was walking back to barracks. We were in lapse waiting orders for 82nd. And this Chevy station wagon pulls up and I hear hey you wanna get a beer airborne and it was the SSG the cook from my osut cycle. I said sure letís go get my friend Randall. And we went to his on base housing and drank beer with him and his wife. One cool ass dude that staff sgt a fine individual.

Drunk tweets F..king deep state

I am getting text from a former union teamster I figure impeachment hearings have him emotionally upset. I used work with this guy a huge trump supporter. They started around 09:00 this morning. It took me awhile to figure out that he was drinking. And I am responding with irony that just puts him through the roof. He has actually invited me to the bar to have a drink so he can kick my ass. With that text I knew he was drinking whiskey.

I told him no I have been sober now and I find that in my sobriety.It Really helps me focus on my deep state activities and I am getting a promotion in antifa. I then invited him to the local deep state meeting tonight I told him it is arts and crafts night. That caused a barrage of drunken trump supporter drunk text. I text back dude what with the negative waves chill Iíll pick you up for the meeting. Iím bringing a cake do you wanna chip in for the paper plates.

Mother in law wished me a Veterans Day toast I asked how about the boog

I explained look the boog the chocolate lab has been fighting a skunk insurgency for around nine years. He has been wounded and needed stitches rabies boosters has gotten antibiotics eye ointment for skunk spray. And countless baths to get rid of the odor and that is hard on him.

So he has a chest full of purple biscuits from wounds why itís a fruit salad of ribbons and medals. Even though he is a career private always getting busted on UCMJ from my wife the boog is a dam hero.

I love my mother in law I love to aggravate her even more . And her and the boog have a love we tolerate relationship. Last time she was here like twelve days Boog went in and crapped in her bedroom and he never does that in the house. He was just giving her a message We know you have a home to go home to.

Veterans Day

We have our airborne infantry people covered 187th RCT Korean War and two veterans 101st Vietnam flags on their graves.

I got a horse hug this morning he is finally trusting us

Willie a beautiful boy we rescued several months ago. I was out feeding the herd donkey the horses goats and a pig. And I received a hug I love it I hugged Willie back as I looked into his eyes I see a soul. I hugged willie and kissed him he is so gentle a beautiful boy Clydesdale.

Boog the chocolate lab relatives came to visit

My brother came to visit with his two four paw stuff doers labs cousins . Hey uncle boog whatís next as we sit on back porch.

Boog - ok kids now I will show you my stick collection we chew these sticks and at times shit out the splinters.

Boog - ok now we dig holes we have to dig the best holes guys.

Cousin labs - Boog you are the best teaching us.

Then boog chases after a bunny and his two cohorts they knock over the bird bath attention span of zero.

And our golden retriever mr big paws is like man they are weird mr big paws is the voice of reason.

We are having a omega man the movie this morning boog the chocolate lab

The skunks are back or the striped cats according to the boog. The skunks are Anthony zerbe Matthias character the mutants. Boog is Charlie Heston good old Dr Bob Neville.

So I headed out this morning to have my coffee and pipe and I smelled Matthias and his crew the skunks. I hooked up boog on his wire lead on a weight bar so he could use the yard.

So between barking hackles up crapping and peeing and dragging 175 pounds of weights on a bench bar we use on workouts. When the sun is up boog is free range thatís the rules. Boog doesnít like rules he wants kick skunk ass.

So boog and I moved to higher ground the deck weíre into tactical stuff man and boog. Kind shit I barely remember from the 82nd I closed the deck gate. So we are surrounded by skunks as boog runs to the left and right on the deck.

Boog - Barking growling hackles up he will stop and whine at me come on man let me at them.

The man - it is not gonna happen dude

So like in any defensive overwatch it goes to shit. As boog is barking now bob the donkey starts braying from the barn and the coyotes on the mountain have to join in.

Bob the donkey braying Iíll interpret
Bob - Boog whatís up I hear you barking mein freund

Ok bob is bi lingual we rescued him from Pennsylvania Dutch people

Boog - Bob we got multiple contacts hang tight the man and me are figuring this out.

And then I turn around and at the sliding door is mr big paws our golden retriever. I get up to let him out and he is the voice of reason he refuses to come out. And be a part of boogs insanity and goes back to bed with my wife.

So in closing how did Charlie Heston say it trapped by that fountain. If I remember in the omega man movie we have ten minutes until sunrise.

Or as I say when the circus is in town itís hard to leave.

Taking boog the chocolate lab on a date three is a crowd lady

My wife and I were heading to the store and donut shop for coffee. And a boog donut itís cold here this morning and I went out to start the Tacoma. I said DONUTS! to boog the chocolate lab and he was out the door and into the pickup.

So I started it to defrost the windows and mister decided to stay in the truck. And my wife and I are waiting for it to warm up listening to chocolate knuckle head barking from inside the cab WOOF WOOF come on man letís go.

Typical Saturday morning around the house

The horses and donkey goats the pig have all been fed and let out. And the guys and friends have been through the mess hall. And now the boys are plugging into amps and tuning up. I am stretched out on the sectional with a golden retriever behind me laying down and am using a chocolate lab as a pillow I have the wood stove blowing hot. The furry boys love the heat as they are getting arthritic in age.

I smile as I listen and watch these teenagers tune guitars the one boy borrowed my I phone to go to different room to tune his bass. And now all three are sitting around in a circle jamming softly through 1 watt tube amps. And they will stop ask me hey dad how does that sound I reply awesome. Hey fellas how about some RHCP or Doobie brothers in a request.

Hey dad you wanna sit in and jam I decline I tell them. I just enjoy laying here with the furry boys and listening to you all jam. I ask them when it gets warmer towards the afternoon you fellas wanna hit a trout stream they reply sure.

A Soviet style impeachment scalise

No Steve what happened to the romanov family will not happen to the trumps. Seriously this shit rolls down hill from the gop congress to the base. I heard two dairy farmers discussing Scalise and what he said on soviet style impeachment at diner this morning. I called ahead for takeout chili I didnít say a word waiting on my chili.

These people drank the kookaid and it is trickling down. How ignorant are they here we have due process and the idiot in Oval Office will have due process. Kremlin style impeachment is a makarov round in back of the head or a trip to the gulag.
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