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Gender: Male
Current location: I live in a trump supporting community 2 bars 1 vfw so beer therapy is available
Member since: Sun Jan 29, 2017, 08:28 PM
Number of posts: 5,295

About Me

The boog

Journal Archives

Oh FFS pence

Iím screaming at tv at this moment

Chocolate sheet cake covered in peanut butter icing

Weíre having a baby shower for a young lady at our terminal today. And I made sweet sour meatballs but a friend made a chocolate cake.

And I am looking forward to having a piece and wishing the future mom happiness. I am becoming my dog cake first priorities I have been thinking of the cake all morning.

Hey boog Ohio gal Sophie the labs mom asking if you are a roadie

I got a wag wag as boog lays between the amps as our son and his friend jamming. Earlier he the chocolate roadie rolled over tangled up in cords and unplugged the power to pedal board our son was using.

I heard really dog as he plugged back in. then they wanted to record this original that they wrote in guitar class they wanna toss two lead guitars over the rhythm they laid down. And then the roadie started barking out the window I looked to see and I didnít see anything to bark at.

So the chocolate roadie has laid down on the couch next to me the man as I eat tuna salad heís drooling . I asked him I wonder if zeppelin or skynard had these kinds of growing pains boog. I told the boys Billy Joel you may be right is boogs song total chaos.

Article three of the constitution section three trump has violated

In giving aid to a enemy isis allowing them to escape and now they will reconstitute.

All men are created equal Airborne infantry

Where Iím going with this post is I am trying to explain trying to write a speech. I am speaking Sunday at Airborne association dinner amongst our ranks we have naturally army airborne community. A few marines ANGLICO and Force recon from their community. And I am working on this speech and in my walk in life Iím humble.

And within our ranks we have those that in political beliefs that extend to the right in voting for trump. The extend part is a PT joke extend to the left so iam trying to work that in with my speech for Sunday.

And I want to add in my speech in the belly of a aircraft a-130 or a c-141 in the dark we operate in night we are all equal regardless of race because weíre all gonna arrive on DZ leaving aircraft on a static line. A airborne infantry platoon or company is a great equalizer I joke in saying weíre all ass and trash. We all ended up here the same way in the middle of the night arriving at fort benning on a bus.

Fourteen weeks of osut infantry training then jump school or however you came to be sitting here today as I can only speak from my experience.

And I want to say remember wether we were drafted or we enlisted we swore a oath. To a piece of paper the constitution we did not take oath to a person.

Two chili dogs cost fifty dollars

I find humor I got off work 06:00 hit the gym. Then decided chili dogs for breakfast I love the local diners chili dogs. Heaven on a toasted bun smothered with onions sweet peppers chili cheese beef dogs total food debauchery. Two dollars a piece and I usually tip a dollar as I walked into the diner.

There sat my dear wife and friends having breakfast I did not know that she would be at the diner . I walked over to greet her gave her a kiss declined their offer to join them. And then she handed me their breakfast check I laughed smiled told her have a good day as I headed to the register pay for all of us.

Barr will have a decent law practice

As a jailhouse lawyer in federal prison

Robert Jeffries and obeying government

We are going against gods will if we donít obey trump. Civil war you pig asshole why would you even bring that up.

Well what exactly was Jesus Christís and the apostles doing against the Romans.

The BBC has a Monty python marathon

Just letting all fans know life of Brian at 5 pm then the holy grail.

As a father I am so blessed perhaps rich with family

A ramble I am sitting here having coffee. And listening to our one son at 6:30 in morning jam on guitar.
Electric lady land
Little wing
Roy Orbison dreams
SRV cold shot

You know I do same at times wether jamming alone or with our son I go off on multiple songs on fretboard

The other night our son was dad I need you to play this. It was a original he wrote and he was laying down a lead part it is not on paper just in my sons head. And it sounds awesome and he asked me what do you think dad. I said sounds great kiddo he smiled at me , you just love your kids.
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