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Had to have been 20' long!


Netting or tying down your plants w/pics

I am just starting a new crop and figured I would share some of the progress and give some tips along the way. If you have any questions feel free to ask. This crop is half White Widow and half Hindu Kush.

I personally like to grow a little bigger plants so I will try to vegetate over two months. Topping each plant a few times fairly early. I feel it is important to top at least once for any growing situation.

About a week before I am ready to put into 12/12 light cycle and flower I flatten about the top 2 feet of plant under a net. This accomplishes 2 things. It makes a flatter canopy for the light and it allows all of those side branches to reach up and become tops.

Day 1. Don't be afraid to really bend those tops. It might look like a disaster but will be worth it in the end.

Day 3. Tops have started bending toward the light. There will be a lot of trapped tops underneath. Every few days go through and pull up any branches that need help and take off any big fan leaves that are no longer receiving light.

New tops coming through. You will need to start pulling any large fan leaf that is above the net and is blocking light to any new tops. Also might have to rearrange a few branches or tie down a few wayward branches.

Day 5. New tops really start to grow at this point. Also now is a good time for a few preventive sprays. Better safe then sorry since its a lot harder to take care of any pest problem after buds have set in.

Day 7. Ready to flower. Have gone from a few tops to hundreds within a week. Keep giving full veg nutes for at least a week after 12/12 light cycle. Then start cutting back and introducing flower nutes. After week 2 full flower nutes and change to any flowering lights if applicable.

Go ahead... Pick it... I double dog dare ya!


Is it karma or irony?

When the people talking about setting people up by offering them something they can't refuse. Secretly filming said transgression and showing it to the world but with "their guy" blurred out...
Are in turn set up by other people offering them lots of money. Then secretly filmed and shown to the world with someone else's guy blurred out?
Cambridge Analytica might have been able to dig up dirt on lots of people but forgot to check their potential clients

Me jammin on the harmonica

Some old YouTube videos of me being bored at work.


Train train-

March photo contest theme (now April)

Edit* I have been informed that monthly contests are in hold during seasonal contests so this will now be April's theme. Lots of time to find your happy thoughts*

April's theme will be "If it makes you happy"

A picture that makes you smile for any reason. It can be a pic you were excited to catch. Maybe a proud moment.

Or go snap a picture of anything that makes you happy. People, places, things, ideas, whatever. Break out your crazy edits. Sky is the limit on this one. Just have fun!

Will post reminder and start submission thread in April.

Saying a complete group of people believe something

From just the comments of one news guest...
Is like saying all Mexicans are bad because you saw one shoplifting last week.
Anyone who has to jump on the actions of one person to justify the whole, probably didn't have much of a point to begin with.

Any of you East Coasters up past your bedtime?

Stay awake, you're almost there...

The correct way to listen to Johnny Cash


The Dubya and Cheeto puppet show

Both just useless dummies without a rich and powerful hand stuck way up their ass.

But where Dubya was more Muppets...
Cheeto is definitely a Crank Yanker,
Rude and not so funny...

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