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Member since: Sat Jan 21, 2017, 07:51 PM
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Response to fellow DUer worried about hating Trump

There are some people on this earth that deserve to be hated. As far as I'm concerned if you lack empathy and will hurt others to get ahead you have no place in society.
Trump is the poster child of greed, ego, ignorance and scapegoating. I can remember as a kid in the 80s that this man was a joke and now the so called working man thinks he will be their savior? He hasn't done an honest days work in his life. Never had to earn anything. All he has ever done was sign papers and destroy time after time what was given to him.
Empathy isn't something we are born with. We are taught it all through our lives by our own suffering and watching others suffer. Donald Trump has never really suffered a day in his life. Even on his worst day he was still better off then 99% of the population. He won't be able to help these people because he just doesn't have the life experience to know what needs to be done.
I say never apologize for hate. It's a liberal trait that hasn't done us well over the years. Makes us look weak. Its ok to hate someone if they truly deserve it. It's ok to kill bad people. I think an eye for an eye is a great policy. I have no problem punishing violent criminals with violence. I am a progressive because I think that's the best road for society to take. I believe every person on this planet has a right to live without fear and oppression and have some basic foundation to start their lives. What they do with it after that is up to them.
If someone is against that then really what kind of human being are they? Is there a hate line? I can hate Hitler but not Trump? I just pretty much just hate them all. They are a cancer for the human race. I'm definitely glad to see more liberals standing up and growing some balls lately.

It's starting to hit home for more Trump voters

This guy just can't figure out why Trump would have lied about marijuana state's rights...
Now his two year business venture might go up in flames


Trump supporters show up in mass in Raleigh...

How will the dems ever compete??? https://www.yahoo.com/news/president-trump-supporters-rally-raleigh-171808084.html

Recreational marijuana...

I moved from Illinois to Oregon last summer and for once in my adult life I didn't feel like a criminal. I will miss that feeling...
I wonder if enough repubs would bend to change it from a schedule 1 substance if we start pushing them on states rights? Would Trump be able to veto that?

Hi... I'm here to resist

I was on DU during the Bush years and still check in from time to time to get news and fellow progressive's opinions but haven't needed to interact for a long time. Well it's time to stand up and start fighting again. This time it's not just standing up to war and corporate america. This time it's standing up against white nationalism and the very real threat that it will split this country's people for a very long. This is for real brother vs. Brother stuff. It's just going to get worse as long as the propaganda machines are spinning so smoothly.
I grew up in southern illinois surrounded by ignorance. I was just back for a year and saw the divide is getting bigger. My ignorant friends and family were just more emboldened. They have swallowed the bait and I'm pretty sure it's just too late for most of them. They will always live in this box from reality because they have no interests in breaking free. See it's easier for them to blame someone else for their shortfalls. Redneck pride is just an excuse for the shitty lives they have made for themselves. Trust me not many of us said I want to stay here and work in the oil fields when I grow up. But life back home just has a way of weighing you down and before you know it you have grown old quick and don't have anything to show for it. Should these people be mad? Absolutely! The problem is they have all been led to believe that its government's fault. They think Bill Clinton took away their jobs instead of greedy CEO types looking for better profit margins. They think their small business didn't succeed because of taxes when it's really because it's usually a horrible idea with no demand. They really think they are paying for black people to drive brand new cars and having to pay to feed illegal aliens. They really think all Muslims are a danger to them. And no matter how many times we tear down their boxes with facts they are just going to build up new walls because its just easier for them. Trust me, I have been trying to reason with them in person and on political forums for almost 20 years now. Its just not going to happen.. all we can do now is make sure we are always the majority and hope a Progressive Phoenix will rise out of the ashes from the Trump years (or months). Keep up the pressure my friends. Help the world consciousness love and we will rise above ignorance. Peace out, Yager
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