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nkpolitics1212's Journal
nkpolitics1212's Journal
June 14, 2017

Today is the Orange Monty Burns 71st birthday?

We need the band The Ramones to perform at his 71st Birthday Party-This gig sucks,Up yours DC, Go to hell you old bastard
We need a White House Cabinet official to do I'm Mr Trump LA LA la in front of all the guests.

June 14, 2017

My prayers go to Steve Scalise (R-LA).

Scalise represents the same Congressional district as Bobby Jindal and David Vitter. If there were to be a special election in LA-1, Who is likely to run for that Seat? Jindal? or Vitter?

June 13, 2017

Is Mike Pence Donald Trump's Smithers?

Which White House official is going to do at the White House correspondence dinner or Trumps birthday what Homer did at Burns birthday?

June 13, 2017

2018 CO Governors Race? Will CO elect the first female-Cary Kennedy or

the first openly gay male-Jared Polis to the Colorado Governorship.

June 13, 2017

Tomorrow is the Democratic Primary Race in Virginia-Governor,Lt Governor and Attorney General.

Governor-Tossup between Northam and Perriello
Lt Governor-Fairfax is the leading Democratic candidate.
Attorney General-Herring

June 13, 2017

2018 Colorado Governors Race and 2020 Colorado US Senate Race-Democratic Primary.

With the announcement of CO-2CD US Representative Jared Polis entering the 2018 CO Governors Race, There are now 3 top tier Democratic candidates for the 2018 CO Governors Race-Polis,CO-7CD US Representative Ed Perlmutter,and Former State Treasurer Cary Kennedy. Either of those candidates are likely going to be the Democratic nominee. Whoever is the Democratic nominee is favored to defeat the Likely Republican nominee in the November 2018 General Election. The 2nd or 3rd place finisher in the Democratic Primary for Governor is going to be the frontrunner for the Democratic nomination for the 2020 Colorado US Senate Race to unseat Republican incumbent Cory Gardner.
Between Polis,Perlmutter,and Kennedy,
Which one is going to be the Democratic nominee for Governor in 2018?
Which one is going to be the Democratic nominee for US Senate in 2020?

June 12, 2017

2018 US Senate Election-Landslide Republican Victory to Landslide Democratic Victory.

Landslide Margin Republican Victory
1)WY-Barrasso-R 45R
2)NE-Fischer-R 46R
3)MS-Wicker-R 47R
Low Double Digit Margin Republican Victory
4)UT-Hatch-R 48R
5)TN-Corker-R 49R
High Single Digit Margin Republican Victory
6)TX-Cruz-R 50R
7)IN-Rokita-R 51R
8)ND-Cramer-R 52R
Narrow Margin Republican Victory
9)AZ-Flake-R 53R
10)MO-Wagner-R 54R
Narrow Margin Democratic Victory
11)NV-Marshall-D 24D
12)OH-Brown-D 25D
13)MT-Tester-D 26D
High Single Digit Margin Democratic Victory
14)WI-Baldwin-D 27D
15)PA-Casey-D 28D
16)FL-Nelson-D 29D
17)WV-Manchin-D 30D
Low Double Digit Margin Democratic Victory
18)NJ-Johnson-D 31D
19)NM-Heinrich-D 32D
20)ME-King-I/D 33D
21)VA-Kaine-D 34D
22)MI-Stabenow-D 35D
Landslide Margin Democratic Victory
23)MA-Warren-D 36D
24)CA-Feinstein-D 37D
25)RI-Whitehouse-D 38D
26)DE-Carper-D 39D
27)CT-Murphy-D 40D
28)MN-Klobuchar-D 41D
29)VT-Sanders-I/D 42D
30)NY-Gillibrand-D 43D
31)MD-Cardin-D 44D
32)WA-Cantwell-D 45D
33)HI-Hirono-D 46D

June 10, 2017

2017/2018 US Senate Election Rating

2017 Special Election
AL-Anybody But Moore-R vs Democratic nominee-D
Solid Republican
AL-Moore-R vs Democratic nominee-D
Likely Republican
AZ-Flake-R vs Sinema or Kelly-D
Tossup Republican
AZ-Flake-R vs Someone else-D
Lean Republican
AZ-Ward-R vs Sinema or Kelly-D
Lean Democratic
AZ-Ward-R vs Someone else-D
Tossup Democratic
CA-Solid Democratic
CT-Solid Democratic
DE-Solid Democratic
FL-Nelson-D vs Scott-R
Lean Democratic
FL-Nelson-D vs Someone else-R
Likely Democratic
HI-Solid Democratic
IN-Donnelly-D vs Rokita or Messer-R
Tossup Republican
IN-Donnelly-D vs TeaParty-R
Tossup Democratic
ME-Solid Independent/Democratic
MD-Solid Democratic
MA-Solid Democratic
MI-Stabenow-D vs Snyder-R
Likely Democratic
MI-Stabenow-D vs Someone else-R
Solid Democratic
MN-Solid Democratic
MS-Solid Republican
MO-McCaskill-D vs Wagner or Hartzler-R
Tossup Republican
MO-McCaskill-D vs TeaParty-R
Tossup Democratic
MT-Tester-D vs Republican Nominee-R
Lean Democratic
NE-Solid Republican
NV-Heller-R vs Democratic Nominee-D
Tossup Democratic
NJ-Solid Democratic
NM-Heinrich-D vs Martinez-R
Likely Democratic
NM-Heinrich-D vs Someone else-R
Solid Democratic
NY-Solid Democratic
ND-Heitkamp-D vs Cramer-R
ND-Heitkamp-D vs TeaParty-R
Lean Democratic
OH-Brown-D vs Mandel-R
Lean Democratic
PA-Likely Democratic
RI-Solid Democratic
TN-Solid Republican
TX-Cruz-R vs O'Rourke-D
Lean Republican
UT-Solid Republican
VT-Solid Independent Democratic
VA-Likely Democratic
WA-Solid Democratic
WV-Manchin-D vs Republican Nominee-R
Lean Democratic
WI-Baldwin-D vs Republican Nominee-R
Lean Democratic
WY-Solid Republican
Democrats lose IN and MO, pick up NV -1D
Democratic held seats
Solid Democratic-DE,IL,MA,MI,NJ,NM,OR and RI
Likely Democratic MN
Lean Democratic NH and VA
Republican held seats
Solid Republican-AL,AR,ID,KS,KY,LA,ME(with/Collins),MS,NE,OK,SC,SD,TN,WV,and WY
Likely Republican-AK(without/Begich-D)MT(without/Bullock-D),and TX(without/Castro-D)
Lean Republican-AK (with/Begich-D),GA,IA,MT (with/Bullock-D) and TX (with Castro)
Tossup-CO,ME (without/Collins),and NC
Democrats pickup CO and NC +2D
Democrats chances of regaining control of the US Senate is based on who the Democratic nominee in GA and IA is and what type of campaign they run.

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