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Dr. Jack

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Member since: Fri Jan 20, 2017, 01:43 PM
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Are Democrats/ Liberals too obsessed with Donald Trump?

First off, when I ask that, I donít mean in the past when he was President. There was obviously a lot to be concerned about at the time. Instead I mean are they too obsessed with him now? I suppose heís a good boogie man for non-Republicans and his buffoonish behavior is easy to mock. However, it seems the nonstop, wall to wall coverage I still see of Donald Trump is way, way too much. When I make my rounds to various media outlets to see the dayís news, itís all about Donald Trump. The stupid shit he says, the wild accusations he makes, the ever present threat that his supporters are going to blow up the entire country out of no where, claims he is about to be arrested for this or that.

On the one hand, I think itís important for people to remember just how quickly things can go to shit if they donít vote but at the same time, heís just some guy now. Sure a bunch of fanatical meth tweakers still act like heís some kind of god but beyond that, is there any reason we need to know about Donald Trumps every move and everything he says? Canít we just start the process of moving on and no longer giving Donny Diaperload endless attention and media coverage?

Is partisan news becoming more of a problem or has it always been this way?

The older I get the more irritated I am becoming with partisan news sources. In other words, your Fox News, MSNBC, Breitbart, Huffington Post, etc. News outlets with a clear agenda, if you will. Now, I would argue right wing media is far more dishonest and destructive than left wing media. However, as I try to take a step back and see things objectively, the more I see just nonstop finger pointing, hypocrisy, propaganda, and flat out lies from partisan media.

Iím sure we are all well versed in the right wing bullshit machine so I donít feel I need to provide any examples from Fox or The Daily Wire. But I do also see similar problems with left wing news. I see headlines from Salon, The Huffington Post, or The Daily Beast doing a lot of what right wing outlets do. They take peopleís quotes out of context, they attack Republicans and conservatives for things they defend Democrats and liberals for doing, they manipulate polling data to fit their narratives, they ignore stories that are too inconvenient to talk about, and they just generally tell their readers what they want to hear. It seems like half of articles and videos from CNN and MSNBC are just attacks on Fox News and vice versa.

The headlines I am bombarded with everyday, whether from right wing or left wing sources, just seem manipulative and like partisan propaganda. There was a time, in my teens and 20s where I was into it. It felt like watching Kieth Olbermann and supporting him was a counter balance to Fox News. But these days, it all just feels petty and dishonest. I am aware that news has never been 100% objective and a lot of the petty pardon squabbling and theatrics are nothing new. History just tends to forget about unimportant political attacks and day to day grandstanding. The question I have been asking myself is whether itís getting worse, with partisan news becoming more and more like propaganda, or if itís always been this way and now I am just starting to notice?
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