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Dr. Jack

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Member since: Fri Jan 20, 2017, 02:43 PM
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Did Trump show Democrats that Republicans are pushovers and cowards?

I've been wondering why the Dems are now doing whatever they want without any concern for what Republicans have to say. They are steamrolling over the GOP in congress and ignoring all of their threats and tough talk. That's quite the reversal from what we saw in the 2000s when the Democrats seemed so afraid of the Republicans. I remember them backing down constantly when the GOP even gave them so much as a dirty look.

I do think the one good thing Trump did is that he exposed the Republicans as spineless pushovers who just talk tough. The GOP warn Democrats of dire consequences if the Dems do this or that. I wonder if the Dems now realize, thanks to Trump, that they can ignore Republican threats and there will be zero consequences.

Cut the shit Biden!

Tell yes, in plain english right now, yes or no, should Mr Potato Head keep his dick?!

Garland vs White Supremacists?

I haven't been following any of the confirmation hearings since Bidens cabinet picks all seem solid and I don't have the energy to listen to Republican whine about....Mr Potato Head's dick.....I guess, in a senate committee meeting. So one thing I don't quite understand are people saying that white supremacists are in major trouble now that Garland has been confirmed as AG. I'm sure he will do a good job and deal with the threat of Trump's Neo Nazi Klan. What I don't understand or haven't heard anything about is why Garland specifically is a major threat to the white supremacists? How is he uniquely qualified to handle that issue compared to any other Democratic appointed Attorney General?
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