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Dr. Jack

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Member since: Fri Jan 20, 2017, 02:43 PM
Number of posts: 610

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Fun fact about the Wisconsin recount

After the Wisconsin recount, Biden had a net gain of 87 votes statewide. That means Trumps campaign spent $34,482.76 per added vote for Joe Biden with their recount.

Does Trump realize he is the villain?

One thing, after all of these years that I can't quite figure out with Trump is how he perceives himself. Sure we have all of the weird bragging and issues with narcissism but at the end of the day, did Trump think he was really good at being president or was it all an intentional con job? In Trump's mind, is he thinking "what a great President I am. People love me and I am doing a lot of good for this country" but he doesn't realize that he is in over his head. Or is he thinking "let's see how much money I get out of these rubes before the jig is up"? Does he know that he is a bad person and is he commiting all of these crimes on purpose or is he just so delusional and dumb that he doesn't even realize what a crooked failure he is?

Recount every vote in every state!

That way we can watch Trump lose for a 2nd time.

Alright that's all I got. Good night everybody!

Edit: Apparently we aren't in a joking mood this morning. My mistake.

Is the election going to be called today?

I think we have reached the point where the outcome is all but certain, despite what a few worry warts are saying. So what are the odds at least one network calls the election today?

Downfall: Trump 2020 Edition


Summary of Trump's current election lawsuits and vote count demands



So...Biden won, right?

I know the final announcement hasn't been made but I have been watching the betting markets all day and Biden is at about 90% on those right now and the Republicans on those sites keep saying it's over and Biden won. I know we have to still be weary because Trump is clearly not handling this well but can I finally breathe again? Can I go to sleep tonight and not have to worry about headlines like "Trump Reelected" tomorrow morning?

Jesus fuck what a shit show

Seems like a fitting end to this election. It appears we knocked out the orange menace, which is ultimately all that matters, but good God America why was it so close?! I think when all is said and done we will say "Trump really wasn't going to win" and I am aware how difficult it is to defeat an incumbent president but this never should have been a narrow Dem victory. A win is a win but man this country is fucked in the head.

So things are looking pretty good?

I went to bed at 11:00 last night since nothing was happening but it sounds like we are on track to take Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Arizona no? It might not be a blowout but Biden seems to be favored, right? That's the impression I'm getting. Am I wrong?

Charlie Cook: Expect a 9-10 point Biden win today

Carlie Cook over at the Cook Political Report released his final thoughts and predictions on where this election is headed. He has been a bit more bullish and less equivocal about Bidens chances of victory. He believes that sites like RCP and 538 aren't being selective enough with their polling averages, so a lot of shitty right wing numbers are getting thrown in. He believes that Biden is looking at a 9-10 point win nationally and not a 7-8 point win. He also doesn't think the polls are underestimating Trump.

The RealClearPolitics average of national polls pegs Bidenís lead at 7.4 points, 51.1 to 43.7 percent. But thatís a less discriminating measure, including as it does some mediocre surveys, some that seemed congenitally slanted toward one side or the other, and some that would be better utilized lining hamster cages. The FiveThirtyEight modeled average of national polls, which is more selective than the RCP average but still includes some surveys that I consider rather sketchy, puts the Biden lead at 8.8 points, 52 to 43.2 percent.

I believe his actual lead is more like 9 or 10 points, based on the higher-quality, live-telephone-interview national polls conducted since the first debate, as well as the gold standard of online polling, the Pew Research Centerís mammoth poll of 11,929 voters released two weeks ago.


What I am wondering is if this will be one or the rarest species of national electionsóa wave election in a presidential year ending in a zero, meaning it will reverberate for a decade thanks to the coming redistricting. There are not a dozen Republican Senate seats that could fall, as Democrats suffered in 1980, but Joe Biden may well replicate Ronald Reaganís 10-point victory over President Carter. The odds are it will be a bit less, perhaps in the 53 to 44 percent range, with 3 percent going to independents and write-ins, half of the number from four years ago.


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