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Dr. Jack

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Member since: Fri Jan 20, 2017, 02:43 PM
Number of posts: 610

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What are some dumb Trump Presidency moments everyone has forgotten about?

I think failing to do anything about COVID and just generally being an incompetent, racist prick will be Trump's lasting legacy. But I feel it is important to remember all of the other dumb shit he did but that we all kind of forgot about. I would say his distractions worked since it's difficult to remember all of the batshit moments from his bizarre 4 years in the white house but he lost reelection so I guess long-term it didn't work.

So what are some dumb Trump moments that we all forgot about? Here are a few off the top of my head

-The berated a war widow over the phone on her way to her Husband's funeral.

-The held a "Fake News Awards" ceremony in the White House, instead of...working

-He said one of his major accomplishments was helping to design the Space Force flag

-The threw paper towel rolls at hurricane victims like he was handing out prizes at a basketball halftime show

-That time he saluted a North Korean general

Engaging With Trump's Die-Hard Supporters Isn't Productive

Nonetheless, ordinary people worn out by the dramas and lies of the past four years have a right to refuse to take Trumpís most enthusiastic supporters seriously. To reject further debate with people whose views are completely incoherent is not only understandable, but sensible.


Instead, I am talking about the people who are giving Trump their full-throated support to the very end, even as he mulls a military coup; the people who buy weird paintings of Trump crossing the Delaware, or who believe that Trump is an agent of Jesus Christ, or who think that Trump is fighting a blood-drinking ring of pedophiles. These supporters have gone far beyond political loyalty and have succumbed to a kind of mass delusion. It is not possible to engage them. Indeed, to argue with them is to legitimize their beliefs, which itself is unhealthy for our democracy.


Ordinary people should tune out the noise. No one needs to think one more minute about why a woman from New York would speed along in her car while ranting into her phone about stolen elections when she ought to have been watching the road. And the media have a particular obligation to end their fascination with these Trump voters. We donít need yet another pilgrimage to diners and gas stations to hear from people whose only sources of information are cable-news hosts plumping fantasies about Venezuelan voting machines. We need not ruminate on the evangelical writer who thinks we must pray for the crackpot lawyer Sidney Powell. And journalists should stop providing media oxygen to would-be heroes such as the Texas mayor who said that if Trump called on him to take up arms, heíd engage in civil war.


Prediction: McConnell will prove Trump doesn't have an iron grip on the GOP

I think McConnell is betting that Trumps influence over the Republican Party is far weaker than people believe. Trump is throwing a tantrum saying he might encourage his voters to sit out the special election, especially after Moscow Mitch finally recognized Biden as the president elect and told GOP senators to back down on any plans to challenge congressional certification of the electoral vote. I suspect McConnell will be correct when it turns out that Trump saying that has little to no impact on the senate races and then the GOP will quickly move to wash their hands of Trump. A lot of his have watched Republican voters for decades. They always fall into line. I think Mitch is betting that Trump is all bark and no bite. As soon as they realize Trump isn't an actual threat to the party via his influence with voters, Trump is going to be thrown under the bus without hesitation.

Or Mitch is wrong and the dems take the senate. Kind of win win for us really. Either we get a republican party that looks more like 2013 GOP which is certainly better than whatever the last 4 years were all about. Or Trump destroys the Republicans.

Edit: Also don't think I have a soft spot for McConnell. He's probably the most evil person in the government right now. But he is very good at thinking strategically.

Trump's Response to 2016 Recounts

I'm not sure if this has been thrown out there yet but it's interesting. It's Trump's response to Jill Steins recount in 2016.

Trump calls the recount effort "a scam", an attempt by Stein to "fill her coffers" and "the people have spoken and the election is over"


And there are of course tweets



Massive voter fraud uncovered!

One of the pillars of Trump's brilliant legal strategy of overturning the election because...he didn't come close to actually winning, hinges on the fact that he was ahead in early vote counts in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan before a "huge dump" slowly ate away at his lead all night until he, ya know, lost those states. It's ironclad proof of voter fraud, there's no other explanation that even a 5 year old can understand. No! It's fraud!

Well I hate to inform you that I have discovered similar fraud in past elections, none more blatant and malevolent than McCain stealing West Virginia from Obama in 2008! Look at this! Obama was up by 7 points in West Virginia before a "massive dump" ruined his lead and cost him the states electoral votes!


I can't believe no one noticed after 12 years. The fraud was staring us in the face for over a decade! I'm bringing this straight to the Supreme Court! Look out John McCain!

And if you're wondering, the answer is yes, I am extremely bored at work right now with absolutely nothing productive to do.

Why did Trump do nothing to stop massive voter fraud in this country?

Why did the Trump administration do nothing to protect our election from this massive, widespread voter fraud that they are claiming? If what they are saying is true, wouldn't that mean that Trump is dangerously incompetent and unqualified because he did nothing to address the threat? Voter fraud on the scale they are alleging would be one of the greatest attacks on our country in our history yet it happened under Trump's watch? Even of their obviously batshit election conspiracy theories were correct, wouldn't it be a damning indictment on Trump's ability to run the country and keep is safe?

Fun fact about the Wisconsin recount

After the Wisconsin recount, Biden had a net gain of 87 votes statewide. That means Trumps campaign spent $34,482.76 per added vote for Joe Biden with their recount.

Does Trump realize he is the villain?

One thing, after all of these years that I can't quite figure out with Trump is how he perceives himself. Sure we have all of the weird bragging and issues with narcissism but at the end of the day, did Trump think he was really good at being president or was it all an intentional con job? In Trump's mind, is he thinking "what a great President I am. People love me and I am doing a lot of good for this country" but he doesn't realize that he is in over his head. Or is he thinking "let's see how much money I get out of these rubes before the jig is up"? Does he know that he is a bad person and is he commiting all of these crimes on purpose or is he just so delusional and dumb that he doesn't even realize what a crooked failure he is?

Recount every vote in every state!

That way we can watch Trump lose for a 2nd time.

Alright that's all I got. Good night everybody!

Edit: Apparently we aren't in a joking mood this morning. My mistake.

Is the election going to be called today?

I think we have reached the point where the outcome is all but certain, despite what a few worry warts are saying. So what are the odds at least one network calls the election today?
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