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Dr. Jack

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Member since: Fri Jan 20, 2017, 02:43 PM
Number of posts: 610

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What do we make of McConnell right now?

There have been a lot of rumors but not much in the way of official news on what McConnell is up to right now. On the one hand, he's clearly a lying slime ball. But on the other I genuinely believe he hates Trump and knows Trump tried to have him killed by his MAGA terrorist attack on the Capitol.

Now we have reports that McConnell is happy Trump got impeached and wants to purge the party of Trumpism. However, he also won't fast track the impeachment trial.

So what's Mcconnell up fo right now?

Officer Brian D. Sicknick Memorial Fund

I came across the Go Fund Me page for Officer Brian D. Sicknick's Memorial. He is the officer who was killed by MAGA terrorists while defending the Capitol. Not sure if it's been posted here already but it seems like a worthwhile cause.


Is it safe to say Mike Pence is more worried about running in 2024 than anything else?

I mean it seems very likely that the MAGA Insurrection Mob was planning on murdering Senators, House Members, and even Pence but Pence still seems more concerned about losing those people as voters for his 2024 run than anything else. Is it safe to say that Pence's current strategy is to win over the people that were trying to potentially assassinate him and overthrow the government than actually dealing with the failed coup?

Vanity Fair Reporter: Lindsay Graham has warned Trump enough GOP senators will vote to convinct

Source: Lindsey Graham told Trump yesterday that there are enough GOP votes in Senate to remove him from office unless he conceded election and denounce riot.


Prediction: Trump will resign

Here's my total speculation about what is happening behind the scenes. I think Pence has threatened Trump with the 25th amendment but won't use it yet because he wants Trump to resign. I think in exchange for resigning and going dark, he will get a full pardon from Pence. They will use the excuse that during the last 8 weeks Trump had a nervous breakdown and that will give Republicans cover to say Trump was in control before the election but became unstable after the election, therefore they can wash their hands of what happened yesterday and the build up to it.

Meanwhile, the Democrats are (metaphorically) mobilizing everything they got to scare Trump as a backup. Basically saying that they likely have the votes to convict and Pence may not be able to pardon Trump if the senate convicts. Or something, I don't know, I'm not a lawyer. Anyway, Pence will give Trump a very short amount of time to before invoking the 25th. Basically before the Dems have time to potentially rip him out of office (metaphorically and legally).

Or maybe not, what do I know?


We start referring to Trump as "The Half Day Dictator". We need to have a nickname that tags him as the insane despot that he is but also how pathetic the while thing was.

I'm willing to forgive and forget

I'm willing to forgive and forget for most of these Republicans if they force Trump out and do everything needed to root out white supremacists and significantly tone down rhetoric. This shit needs to be shut down now. Maybe not popular opinion but we can't take revenge om establishment Republicans

Stay calm

As I'm sure we are all aware, there are Republican temper tantrums occuring all over the country right now. There is of course Trump and his insane conspiracy theories and attempts to somehow steal the election that he lost months ago. The nonsense about Mike Pence overruling the electoral college and declaring Trump the winner of the election. The House Republicans and some senate Republicans screaming about non-existent fraud and challenging the results tomorrow. The ultra right wing assholes marching around DC and whatever is happening in Pennsylvania today.

Of course there are some on our side that want to fight like hell and give the Republicans a taste of their own medicine. I see a lot of people online freaking out that something needs to be done. While I don't think any of us really know how widespread those feeling are among non Trump cult members, I think it is extremely important that we don't take the bait. These Republicans trying to disrupt pretty much everything right now want to provoke the Democrats. They want us to be the evil enemy they think we are. One way or another they want to fight.

The issue is that we don't have to. We can let their nonsense die by simply not engaging. None of what they are trying will last longer than a few days. We will win simply by letting the system do its thing. If Trump keeps making illegal phone calls, let the legal system deal with it. If Mike Pence wants to say that Trump won during the certification tomorrow, whatever. He doesn't have that power and he will just look like a moron. If Trump's supporters get violent in DC, let the National Guard and police deal with it. If Ted Cruz wants to create a fuss in congress tomorrow, it won't make any difference. Most people won't be watching and the nightly news will spend 10 seconds talking about it. If Republicans in Pennsylvania won't seat a Democratic state senator then wait a day or two before they back down.

The point is, we have all of the power. The system and our institutions are on our side. There's nothing we need to do other than to trust our country and it's laws are still in tact, which they are. No one has to fight because there's nothing to fight. Let the Republicans make fools out of themselves and tucker themselves out. At worst all of these efforts in all of these places around the country will slightly delay the inevitable.

So sit back, relax, and let our great nation quietly and legally sort these morons out.

Remember our options after tomorrow's election

If we lose, Republicans have given us a roadmap for "exploring all legal options" to challenge the results of the election. Here are some of the things that will be 100% acceptable

1. If either Republican is behind in the vote count at any point, demand that votes stop being counted. Go to ballot counting locations if needed and just scream and scream

2. If either Republican is ahead during the vote count, demand votes keep being counted even though that is exactly what poll workers will be doing. But again, make sure you scream about it like you're being persecuted.

3. If either Dem loses, immediately start filing lawsuits. Just keep filing them with whoever is forced to listen

4. If either Dem loses, California needs to sue Georgia claiming their laws violate the constitution and that the state Democratic Party should be able to decide the "real" winner

5. Block any Republican that might "win" tomorrow from taking their seat in the Senate while the Democratic candidates make secret calls to state officials asking them to change the vote counts in their favor. Meanwhile try to throw out hundreds of thousands of votes from the most red counties in the state

6. If all else fails, President Biden can declare martial law, seize the voting machines, and have the military conduct a "revote" until we get the real results.

These are all reasonable steps according to the GOP. There's nothing wrong with the Democrats forcibly trying to change the results of the Senate races tomorrow. It's all part of their "legal right" to do so.

What are some dumb Trump Presidency moments everyone has forgotten about?

I think failing to do anything about COVID and just generally being an incompetent, racist prick will be Trump's lasting legacy. But I feel it is important to remember all of the other dumb shit he did but that we all kind of forgot about. I would say his distractions worked since it's difficult to remember all of the batshit moments from his bizarre 4 years in the white house but he lost reelection so I guess long-term it didn't work.

So what are some dumb Trump moments that we all forgot about? Here are a few off the top of my head

-The berated a war widow over the phone on her way to her Husband's funeral.

-The held a "Fake News Awards" ceremony in the White House, instead of...working

-He said one of his major accomplishments was helping to design the Space Force flag

-The threw paper towel rolls at hurricane victims like he was handing out prizes at a basketball halftime show

-That time he saluted a North Korean general

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