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Dr. Jack

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Member since: Fri Jan 20, 2017, 01:43 PM
Number of posts: 611

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I Will Leave You With A Prediction

I really only like talking politics regularly during elections so sticking around right now isnt very appealing. Ill get very annoyed very quickly if i have to talk about Trump every day, even if it is with you fine folks.

Here is what I think will happen over the next 18 months or so. I dont think we will decend into facist rule by tacky Don and his dumbass children. Hes too dumb, too lazy, and too unpopular. He has been in office for a few hours and the backlash is already overwhelming. He will probably never be more popular than he is right now and that is not a good way to start if you want to be a dictator.

No instead we will get a paralyzed, very corrupt government that barely functions beyond awarding tax cuts to rich fucks and less regulations on big oil. You will see a very isolated and impotent president (in more ways than 1) and congress plauged by laziness and infighting over completely tone deaf priorities.

Trump will spend most of his time bitching on twitter, making up shit as fewer and fewer people listen, and parading around like a princess, throwing out his title every chance he gets but overall dithering and refusing to work. Ryan and McConnell will have their hands full dealing with splintering factions that all want different yet pointless things that they can never get through congress and a democratic party that stonewalls them at every turn.

So my friends, no we arent a totalitarian dictatorship today and we wont be whenever trump is thrown out of office. Instead of are now in the era of extreme paralysis, where nothing useful to most people gets done in washington. Where the president and congressional leaders sit around with their thumbs up their butts and talk endlessly about what they are going to do instead of actually doing anything.

You probably wont experience The Great Terror or The Great Purge but instead The Great Frustration.

Welp, good luck all. As I said earlier, the best revenge is living well, so get out there and enjoy life while Trump slowly realizes that he is a powerless figurehead that is despised by the american people. Ill see you all in about a year when we start the process of kicking these klan members in washington to the curb.

I Am Somewhat Relieved and Hopeful

If you look around the cyber and the internets today you will see one of the major stories is that few people actually showed up for Trumps "End of thr Republic D.C. Celebration 2017". It looks like about 1/8th of what Obama got in 2009 and about 1/3rd as many people as trump was expecting. Combine that with his 37% approval rating and suddenly I feel a sense of relief.

No we arent out of the woods by any means but this experiment of "lets see what happens if a 5 year old tries running the country" might not be as bad as it could have been. Coming into office while being so unpopular will help limit some of the damage he can do. The less people like him the more marginalized he will be and the less willing other people in washington will be to go along with his dumb ideas. Combine that with the fact that he doesnt have a clue how to get things done in the political world will likely mean he is less tyrannical and more paralyzed and isolated.

If there were massive crowds today and his approval rating was even mediocre as opposed to historically awful, i would be extremely worried. Instead I am more dismayed that progress is going to stop for a few years and the government will grind to halt. Sure they will put some terrible laws into place but without a mandate or popular backing, trumps presidency may end up being as impotent as....well...Donald Trump

Time To Get Revenge

Well, I havent posted here since the day before the election. Since my old account was lost and politics got really depressing really fast, I didnt have a lot of motivation to come back.

However, I decided to wander back since its an historic day (for all the wrong reasons) and I must say I am disappointed in many of you. I am reading posts saying "I wish I was dead", "I feel like giving up", " Im so depressed", etc. Ladies and gentlemen that is the exact opposite way to react. The day that you let a petty, horrible, immature little man like Donald Trump ruin your life is the day that he wins.

What does Donald Trump and his ilk of deplorables want you to do? They want you to give up. They want you to go home, wallow in sadness, and to be miserable. If you are miserable and cant get out of bed then his filthy, tiny little orange fingers can invade every aspect of our great country.Trump wants you to be depressed and to feel that their is no hope. He wants to beat you down and destroy you psychologically so that there is no more resistance to his awful plans and goals.

My friends, as difficult as it may be, you cannot give up or lose your sense of hope. No, its time to get your revenge. How? By living well. Do not wallow in sadness or give up on life. Go out and make the most of every day. Start right now. Spend time with family and friends today. Do something you enjoy and dont let that bloated goblin ruin one second of it. Show every republican, plutocrat, racist, and ill informed trump supporter that you are happy, healthy, and endlessly hopeful.

Yes. Get mad when he strips health care away from millions or appoints someone dangerously under qualified to an important position or proposes a law that is grossly unconstitutional. Yes get out and be politically active, fight tooth and nail every day, and do everything you can to limit the damage. But never let these thugs ruin your life. Dont give them the satisfaction of knowing they defeated you. Get out there and enjoy every second of every day of the next 4 years because if you do, peoe like Trump can never win.
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