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Dr. Jack

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Member since: Fri Jan 20, 2017, 02:43 PM
Number of posts: 610

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We need an Independent Republican Party

I had a thought, although I'm aware it will never actually happen, about what sane Republicans in the House and Senate should do in their current predicament. There are people like Kinzinger, Cheney, Romney, Murkowski, Upton, and really anyone who was sane enough to see that Trump and the MAGA crowd are incredibly dangerous. They are obviously getting hammered by the rest of the GOP for daring to oppose a fascist coup attempt. They are obviously in the minority within the current Republican Party and the prospects that this group will change the GOP into some more sane is very unlikely. At least not for many many years. All the while they have a (hopefully) metaphorical target on their backs. Instead of trying to change the Republican Party right now or waiting for their inevitable purging from the party, why don't they form their own party? Or at the very least their own caucus in the House and Senate. People like Liz Cheney and Mitt Romney are never going to switch parties and become Democrats. While I certainly respect elected Republicans who stood up to Trump and the MAGA crowd, to some extent, I think we can all agree we don't want them in the Democratic Party and I'm sure they don't want that either. But there is a third option between Republican and Democrat...well, a third party of sorts. If they banded together became "Independent Republicans" they could be as conservative as they want but make it far, far harder for the Republican Party to become the majority party in the House or Senate. On the 2nd impeachment, there are 10 Republicans who voted in favor in the House and 7 in the Senate. Instead of being relegated to pariahs in the minority party, they could have a significant impact on policy and legislation, and could prevent the broader Republican Party from being the majority party until they stop acting so batshit.

I think a temporary "Independent Republican Party" could actually solve quite a few big problems that we are dealing with right now in this country.

McConnell is a massive failure

While I was perusing the latest news this morning an article stuck out to me. It was from The Hill with the headline "McConnell says every GOP senator will vote against Biden's infrastructure plan". That sounds pretty par for the course for McConnell and the Republicans. I thought to myself "well if they want to vote against an incredibly popular bill then that's their problem". However, it then dawned on me, McConnell is telling his caucus to vote against yet another incredibly popular bill. That seems really dumb, politically speaking. If this was the ACA all over again, where a small majority of the country was starting off opposed or unsure then that might make sense to declare outright opposition. If a bill with only 45% support dies or is passed after a long, bitter battle, then sure that would help the Republicans. But much of what Biden has been proposing is supported by upwards of 3/4ths of Americans. That is a very different beast than fighting Obama on The Affordable Care Act in 2009. What could McConnell possibly be thinking or even have planned to sabotage the Democrats? What is his grand strategy? And that is when I realized, he doesn't have one. He is in fact a massive failure that has lead the GOP to the brink of total ruin.

After McConnell became the leader of the Republicans in the Senate, they won in 2010, then 2014, and then 2016. For many years there, I thought he was a shrewd strategist. For a time, all of his devious plans seemed to work. But in fact all he has accomplished is trading short term gains for impossible to solve long term problems for his party. After the Democrats won big in 2006 and 2008, I think Republicans could see that their ranks were dwindling. Their base was aging and the reliable voters from the 1960s, 70s, 80s, and 90s were old. They weren't going to be around forever and we could see that in the election results from the late 2000s. Instead of innovating or changing to appeal to the rapidly evolving electorate, McConnell did what would end up benefiting the GOP for a few years but couldn't see the long term consequences.

He moved forward with a strategy that has lead the Republicans to a place where they are hopelessly paralyzed and are unable to capitalize on opportunities. Specifically, McConnell went hardcore into obstruction and filled out the GOP's decimated base with conspiracy theorists and white supremacists. Sure, the Republicans have been flirting with such tactics for decades but the bigwigs in the party always kept it in check. Instead, McConnell decided to crank that strategy into overdrive and for a little while it worked. It caught the Democrats off guard and they made some gains electorally. However, what he didn't see coming is that his embrace of
"never work with the Democrats, only play to the base" has been a self perpetuating cycle that has made the Republicans more and more out of touch and extremely inflexible.

Thanks to McConnell's moves in the early 2010's, the Republican Party cannot support even the most popular legislation proposed. They find themselves forced to take positions that are abhorrent to a good majority of Americans simply because they want to oppose whatever the Democrats support. Their base will not let them work with the Democrats. After all, the GOP has told their voters for years that the Democrats are evil, baby eating, Satan worshipping, communist pedophiles. You can't work with those people, no matter how popular what they are proposing might be. And the white supremacists and nut jobs that now make up about half of the party's voters will make absolutely sure Republicans stand firm against the "enemies of America" like Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi.

The Republican Party today, thanks to McConnell has become radicalized to the point where it can barely even function. The once efficient and lockstep GOP has descended into chaos. They are forced to run counter to what most voters want, to the point where they are opposing laws that have 75% support while standing by paranoid morons who think the Jews are attacking the planet with lasers from space.

In the end, McConnell is not a brilliant strategist. He didn't lead the party to victory or help it evolve after the Goldwater/Reaganism philosophy began losing steam. Instead he traded the long term viability of the GOP for short term gains. He trapped the Republicans in a no-win situation. They stand for nothing, their base is shrinking by the day, and the establishment are being led by a nearly 80 year old Senator with no future direction for the GOP beyond "just say no to everything in perpetuity and pretend you don't hear what the white supremist keep saying". In the end, for the Republicans, McConnell's time as the leader of the party, has been a massive failure.

Did Trump show Democrats that Republicans are pushovers and cowards?

I've been wondering why the Dems are now doing whatever they want without any concern for what Republicans have to say. They are steamrolling over the GOP in congress and ignoring all of their threats and tough talk. That's quite the reversal from what we saw in the 2000s when the Democrats seemed so afraid of the Republicans. I remember them backing down constantly when the GOP even gave them so much as a dirty look.

I do think the one good thing Trump did is that he exposed the Republicans as spineless pushovers who just talk tough. The GOP warn Democrats of dire consequences if the Dems do this or that. I wonder if the Dems now realize, thanks to Trump, that they can ignore Republican threats and there will be zero consequences.

Cut the shit Biden!

Tell yes, in plain english right now, yes or no, should Mr Potato Head keep his dick?!

Garland vs White Supremacists?

I haven't been following any of the confirmation hearings since Bidens cabinet picks all seem solid and I don't have the energy to listen to Republican whine about....Mr Potato Head's dick.....I guess, in a senate committee meeting. So one thing I don't quite understand are people saying that white supremacists are in major trouble now that Garland has been confirmed as AG. I'm sure he will do a good job and deal with the threat of Trump's Neo Nazi Klan. What I don't understand or haven't heard anything about is why Garland specifically is a major threat to the white supremacists? How is he uniquely qualified to handle that issue compared to any other Democratic appointed Attorney General?

Could the Jewish space laser warm up Texas?

I have an idea on how to help the Texas Republicans with their cold weather problems. Ask the Jews if they will use their space laser that the GOP know for a fact exists to start a few controlled fires around texas. The people of texas can then stay warm until the Republicans get off their asses and do something productive for once. Easypeasy.

Am I the only person who does this?

Every few days, I venture over to the Wikipedia article about the US President just so I can see that it has Joe Biden as the incumbent. It's not because I still can't believe Biden won or that Trump is gone. It's just nice to be able to see little things like that and know that I don't have to be ashamed of who is running the country. I know there are years if not decades of challenges ahead thanks to Trump and most of the GOP. But the little reminders thaf we might finally be on the right path again is cathartic and heartwarming.

Prediction: Most Senate Republicans will vote Present in the impeachment trial

Or they will refuse to vote at all. What I think is happening with these claims that the impeachment trial is unconstitutional now that Trump is out of office is that the GOP is that the Republicans in the Senate are attempting to find a way so they don't have to vote to acquit or convinct. Instead they are trying to claim the trial is something that isn't allowed and therefore they will "protest" by voting Present or not voting at all. That way they don't have to go on the record either way. They are trying to find a spineless 3rd option where they don't have to officially condone or condemn Trump.

While I'm sure at least a few Republican senators will vote to convinct, most will not vote either way over bogus claims that the process is unconstitutional and therefore they can't render judgement either way.

Barack Obama, George W. Bush, and Bill Clinton ask Americans to work together

Who will be the cabinet secretaries after tomorrow?

I guess I have a bit of a blind spot in my knowledge of presidential transitions. Im pretty sure none of Bidens cabinet picks will be approved by the Senate in the next 14 hours or so. In that case, who's running the various departments? I can't imagine Biden would want all of Trump's appointees like Mnuchin and Pompeo to hang around, so who will be in Bidens cabinet before his picks are confirmed by the Senate?
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