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Dr. Jack

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Member since: Fri Jan 20, 2017, 02:43 PM
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It's been 13 hours and Trump still hasn't "clarified" what he meant by "stand by"

Republicans last night and this morning are saying that Trump must have misspoke when he refused to condemn white supremacy during the debate last night and when he said "stand by" to said groups that he wasn't encouraging them. They say Trump just needs to come out and "clairfy" what he meant. However, as I write this, it has been 13 hours since that all went down and Trump has not bothered to back peddle, "clairfy", or address any of that. If Trump really didn't mean to say that and we all got it wrong, he would have came out last night to say what he really meant. After 13 hours of silence from Trump, Republicans pleading with people to give Trump the benifit of the doubt have no leg to stand on. Fucking cowards.

Republicans at work this morning

I work in a very conservative area and most of the people at work are Republicans. I was in my office and some of the staff were talking about the debate. Usually they are very pro-Trump but not so much today. They described the debate as "a cluster fuck" (should probably talk to them about their language at some point) and said Trump made it impossible to follow what was going on. One woman said her husband went from being on the fence to deciding to go with Biden after last night. And that was the end of it. Usually they can talk politics for 45 minutes but today it was 30 seconds and they seemed very caught off guard by how bad Trump's performance was last night. No mention of "yeah but Biden!" or "Trump was treated unfairly." Just talk about what a clusterfuck Trump's performance was.

I'm not saying any of that can be generalized to all Trump supporters but I can say the hardcore Trump supporters I work with were very turned off by what they heard last night. I don't think any of them will jump ship to Biden but they clearly saw a version of Trump that Fox News hasn't exposed them to before and they did not like what they saw.

Was Trump saying he wouldn't accept the election results a turning point?

Obviously last week a few stories came out about Trump trying to go through state legislatures to change the electoral vote (even though that is extremely unlikely to ever work) and then a few hours later he said he wouldn't commit to a peaceful transfer of power when he loses. Not only threatening to stay in office, or at least try to, but also saying that there will be violence unless he wins.

After that we have seen Bidens polling numbers jumping by quite a bit over his already impressive lead. We had someone leak all of Trump's tax returns to the NYT, and even the Republicans in the House and Senate seemed very uneasy about those comments. There is a lot going on, sure. The Supreme Court is really driving Dems. They have raised over $300 million since RGB died and coronavirus/the economy are also simmering in the background. However, I do wonder if Trump's threats about not accepting the election will end up being a major reason why he completely fell apart in the final weeks. The biggest reason reason I wonder if Trump's comments about trying to cling to power even if and when he loses will end up being a major turning point are his taxes being leaked. The leak puts everything into prospective. All of his behavior and corruption as president, why he is fucked if he loses reelection and the shit he is trying to pull to stay in office, and just the damage his taxes are causing him.

I think people will look back and say that last week with the final nail in the coffin for Trump's reelection.

Former Trump campaign manager, Brad Parscale, armed, barricades self in Fort Lauderdale home, police

Source: ABC

Former campaign manager for Donald Trump, Brad Parscale, who was replaced by the President less than four month until Novemberís vote was reportedly armed with a gun and threatening to harm himself at his Fort Lauderdale home on Sunday afternoon.

Police have not confirmed that Parscale worked for Trump, but records confirm that the property in Fort Lauderdale is owned by Parscale and Local 10 has spoken to neighbors who also said it was the former advisor to the President.

Read more: https://out.reddit.com/t3_j12d1g?url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.local10.com%2Fnews%2Flocal%2F2020%2F09%2F28%2Fformer-trump-campaign-manager-brad-pascale-armed-barricades-self-in-fl-home-police-called%2F%3Futm_source%3Dtwitter%26utm_medium%3Dsocial%26utm_campaign%3Dsnd%26utm_content%3Dwplg10&token=AQAAOUFxX7U31nr21Fn8o0buJYhrnLea1Ob-LfXsoFbX74LvOF9O&app_name=mweb2x&user_id=609056153702

Prediction: The polls are significantly overestimating Trump

After 2016, pollsters adjusted their methods to weigh more heavily to Trump supporters. After seeing the massive early voting turnout so far and the huge amounts of money being raised by Democrats compared to Trump being nearly bankrupt, I predict that polls are overestimating Trump. I think Trump's bizarre behavior, the pandemic, the state of the economy, and all these threats if violence and refusing to leave office has a lot of people fed up with Trump. They will be very motivated to just get someone normal into office.

I think when we look back at this election, we will say "in reality it was never even close and Trump's threats about staying in office were never going to happen due to his extreme unpopularity." I believe the polls are off in the opposite direction as 2016 and that people will one day see a Trump loss in 2020 as an inevitability.

EDIT: I should also add that I think the Supreme Court stuff is going to push a lot of people over to Biden out of fear of too much Republican power to the list of reasons

Wall Street donors are abandoning Trump and jumping ship to Biden

Not that I trust Wall Street mega donors or really want them getting their tentacles into the Biden administration but it is a good sign of the way the political winds are blowing. Best to get on the good side of the next President. Although I am of the mind that we should take pretty much any ally we can get (within reason of course) and we can sort out any differences and issues after the orange menace is gone.

New York (CNN Business)President Trump is promising four more years of low taxes, light regulation and a laser-focus on the stock market. Yet professionals on Wall Street are shunning Trump and funneling staggering amounts of money to his opponent.

The securities and investment industry donated just $10.5 million to Trump's presidential campaign and outside groups aligned with it, according to a new tally by OpenSecrets. It has sent nearly five times as much cash, $51.1 million, to Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.


Democrats less likely to vote if they THINK Trump will steal the election

Also seems like Trump realizes this and that is why he has been making not so subtle hints that he will steal the election. Stop believing his lies and vote.


Donald Trump: Master of Illusions

Yesterday there were quite a few news stories that came out regarding Trump's plans to stay in power, even if (or more likely when) he loses. All over the internet and on TV people were in a panic. We heard liberals and Democrats screaming about how Trump is going to steal the election and that American democracy is near it's breaking point. The doom and gloom reached new heights. The one question I have is: Why does anyone believe what Trump is saying?

For years, Trump has made promises and have thrown out claims that always end up being total lies. Even before he got into politics. Go back to the 1970s, 1980's, 1990's, 2000's, there are examples after examples of Trump making claims, people believing him, and then it turns out to all be bullshit. Everyone in this country seems to be of the mindset that "Trump lies to everyone, except to me". We are all good at spotting Trump's lies to other people but for some reason, most of us seem to have a blindspot for when he is lying to us. Allow me to provide some examples:

-Trump started a fake university and stole millions of dollars from people who signed up. They were given wild promises about what the classes would be and how it would improve their lives. Most of us would look at that when "Trump University" was launched or in retrospect and say "who would believe that shit?".

-Trump had a TV show where he claimed to give contestants a world class business job if they won. Those jobs never existed and most of us would correctly say "who would believe that shit?".

-Trump claimed he had proof that Obama was born in Kenya and was was somehow not legally able to serve as president. Despite providing no proof, people believed him. You and I would say "who would believe that shit?".

-In 2016, Trump claimed he was going to build a 2000 mile wall on the Mexican border, that Mexico would pay for it, that he would bring back coal jobs, bring in universal health care, eliminate the federal debt, root out corruption. And a lot of people believed him. But Democrats rightly said "who would believe that shit?".

-Every since Trump started his trade war with China, almost every week we hear about how a new trade deal is coming up, any day now, and every single time Wall Street falls for it and every single time we say "who would believe that shit?"

-This year, Trump said coronavirus would just disappear like a miracle, that the economy would experience a "V shaped recovery", that U.S. cities are burning hellscapes, that BLM is invading suburban neighborhoods and spreading terror, that Joe Biden has dementia, and that the Democratic party is akin to the communist party of China. And, say it with me, people say "who would believe that shit?"

And yet, when Trump tells you that he can steal the election, that he can remain in power as long as he wants, that he is all powerful and can do anything with impunity, how do we react "oh my god! Did you hear what Trump said!? This is serious! We have to believe him on this one!".

Everyone, Republicans, Democrats, Independents, foreign countries, Wall Street, everyone needs to realize, Trump is lying to all of us. We all need to stop believing that "Trump lies to everyone else except to me." As the title says, Trump is a master of illusions. Yes he's dumb, very, very dumb but at the same time there is one thing he is very, very good at, which is making people believe what he wants them to believe. He wanted investors in the 1990's to believe he was one of the richest people in the country, when in fact he was broke. He wanted people in the 2000's to believe he had these amazing jobs for them, when in reality the jobs didn't exist. He wanted Republicans to believe that with the flick of his wrist, he could make the United States 1950 again. He wants Americans to believe that a deadly virus is all a massive hoax and nothing to fear, as to not hurt his reelection. And he wants you to believe he is all powerful and can rig the election so that you are discouraged and don't vote.

Donald Trump has one skill, one thing that he is better than almost anyone else at, and that is lying. He creates false realities to get what he wants. All of us, Democrats, Republicans, Independents, the poor, the wealthy, Americans, foreign citizens, we are all being conned. We all believe that Trump is lying to everyone else but he's not lying to us. The objective reality is that Trump has nothing but scams and lies. Nothing but smoke and mirrors. He's lying to Republicans when he says he is going to bring back 1920's style manufacturing jobs. He's lying to Americans when he says coronavirus is nothing to worry about. And he's lying to you when he says he's staying in power and there's nothing you can do about it.

The sooner we all realize that Trump is a grifter and a frail, cowardly old man that is dazzling all of us with grand promises and threats with nothing to actually back it up, the sooner we can all be done with his abusive nightmare.

The election is safe and secure. Don't believe the Republicans lies, don't disenfranchise youself

Look, I am aware that US elections aren't run 100% perfectly. There are issues and archaic rules that cause problems. But overall, the election is safe and secure. The one person who benefits if you believe it can be easily stolen or compromised is Donald Trump. He wants you to be discouraged and think there is no point in voting because you think he has total power to corrupt the election. He doesn't. He can fuck with it around the margins slightly but otherwise, we are as safe to vote now and to trust the election results as we were in 2008, 2012, fucking 1956, 1992, 2018, whenever. Nothing has changed other than some bluster and empty, vague threats by a con man with his back to the wall. Vote on election day, vote early in person, vote by mail. Just vote and know it will be a free and fair election. Have faith and don't let Trump's lies and threats ever influence or discourage you. That's all he has are mind games and cons.

On to election day and onward to a Biden presidency!

Stop believing what Trump says!

After all these years I still can't believe that so many people haven't figured trump out yet. He's not a brilliant political mastermind. He's not a strongman or a dictator. He's not going to steal the election through state legislatures or declare himself president for life. He's a con man. He's lies. Everything he says is bullshit with nothing to back it up. That's why he never built his stupid wall. That's why he never repealed the ACA. That is why he never eliminated the national debt. That is why he never released his tax returns. He's a con artist! He knows he can't steal the election. He knows he can't become president for life. He wants you to believe that he can do it if he wants so you get discouraged and don't vote. His lies only work if you believe in the version of him that he is projecting. That's his secret, he's fucking lying.

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