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Member since: Tue Jan 10, 2017, 07:24 PM
Number of posts: 313

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Religion will kill us all

The only reason for religion is fear. Biggest scam in human history, along with money and Michigan.
Posted by disalitervisum | Thu Nov 9, 2017, 07:02 PM (0 replies)

Fact-free and education free also

for some years now, since a christian dominionist-dominated school board in Texas determines the content of textbooks used in public schools for the whole country.
Posted by disalitervisum | Thu Nov 9, 2017, 06:55 PM (0 replies)

Jeff Sessions principal administrative aide in the Senate

or possibly chief of staff, I can't remember which. Why would anyone think trump really wanted or wants to get rid of Sessions, considering all the damage they are doing to the justice system and civil rights. Everything is a con.
Posted by disalitervisum | Thu Nov 9, 2017, 06:46 PM (0 replies)

"I don't understand it, but I know my god does."

(quote from pastor whose daughter was a victim of the Texas shooting)

Still fighting the Crusades after all these centuries, and people ask me why I think things are so messed up.

Nothing will ever change until religion is abolished.
Posted by disalitervisum | Tue Nov 7, 2017, 01:37 AM (86 replies)

An alternative view: You're being conned.

Again, as always happens in a good con, you only hear what you want to, even though the con man tells you exactly what you're missing. Who knew?

The trump organization worldwide business holdings: trump has businesses operating in at least 18 countries around the world.

UAE -- 13
Canada -- 12
China -- 9
Indonesia -- 8
Panama -- 8
Saudi Arabia -- 8
Scotland -- 7
Azerbaijan -- 7
Brazil -- 4
Ireland -- 4
Israel -- 4
Qatar -- 4
French West Indies -- 2
South Africa -- 2
Turkey -- 2
Uruguay -- 2
Bermuda -- 1

Don't tell me trump doesn't know how many "countries we have." Additionally, all these offshore, multiple layered-links to other governments and figures in them (i.e. Cyprus, Russia, etc.) is prima facie evidence of sophisticated understanding necessary to navigate geopolitical relationships.

Reading the naive comments on DU about this bloodsucking cockroach makes my head explode.

Posted by disalitervisum | Tue Nov 7, 2017, 01:24 AM (1 replies)
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